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What if Your Writing Team Really Was Made of Mutants?


Working with a team of writers sometimes feels like a Herculean endeavor. Combine writer personalities, client requirements, and the necessity of online communication, and you might think you’re dealing with a bunch of mutants.

It could be worse. What if you were dealing with mutants? With great creative benefit comes a lot of writer management hassle. Here’s a look at some mutant writer types, along with tips for subduing potential battles and keeping your content marketing plan in line.

The Wolverine

His creative juices are spiked with liquid adamantium and nothing you toss his way slows him down. This writer cuts his way expertly through thousands of words a day, meets every deadline, and has pulled your project out of the fire on more than one occasion.

The downside? He knows what he is, and it’s gone to his head. Call him abrupt or terse or call him a jerk–just don’t call him out. He’s got a temper, and he’ll walk away from your well-paying project, even if he needs the money. When your back is to the wall, though, you know he’ll come through as long as you don’t expect polite chit-chat or “please” and “thank-you” messages.

Jean Grey

Seemingly the perfect writer for your project, she anticipates your needs before you can spell them out. You don’t even have to write real instructions — just give this girl a keyword, and she spins content made of your marketing dreams. Come the pre-deadline push, though, she sacrifices herself through writer burnout, leaving you with the final pieces undone. An important part of managing your writing team is to understand writer strengths and weaknesses. Rely on this writer in the early part of the project or for daily productivity you don’t have to edit, but keep a Wolverine in your pocket for when things get frantic.


No style is too foreign for her to master, so this writer is a great choice when you need a difficult voice or it seems no one else can meet your criteria. She seems to absorb style guides and requirements with a touch, but if you aren’t careful, she’ll absorb your time too. Questions are good, but this writer has so many that you may lose track of your own thoughts in keeping up with hers. Set her up with detailed instructions to avoid constant back and forth. If you aren’t sure what you want, then a Jean Grey writer may be the better starting point.


He doesn’t always play well with others, and he comes with a lot of baggage, but this writer gets things done when it’s essential. He’s also got the leadership chops to help you wrangle your plan into action and get other writers in line with project requirements. He’d probably make a great editor. Avoid pairing him only with a Wolverine writer and you shouldn’t have too many fires heating up during the creative process.

Your writers may not be able to shoot lasers from their eyes or take a bullet while maintaining typing speed, but they do have distinct working personalities. Getting to know the writers on your team and playing to their strengths will help you develop the best content possible.

Sarah S is is probably a mutant. Even if she can’t shoot eye lasers, she’s sure she can fake a power to gain entry into the Xavier Institute for Higher Learning, where she’ll learn awesome combat skills and wear a cool costume.

Guest Author

By WriterAccess

Freelancer Sarah S

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