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Sarah's freelance writing experience includes content marketing, SEO, articles, blog posts, eBooks, and web content. She has completed thousands of high-rated projects for clients around the world, including in-depth technical web content, numerous eBooks that have gone on to successful Amazon sales, and expert SEO copy. Her ability to work with clients and editors, write according to different style sheets, and deliver well-researched, original content on a consistent basis causes clients to return for additional copy.

Sarah has completed previous writing and editing work for clients such as web-development businesses, attorneys, accountants, physicians, regulatory agencies, software developers, and eCommerce retailers.
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Sarah specializes in business writing, including product descriptions, web content, SEO articles, press releases, sales copy, technical manuals, and training manuals. She also delivers excellence in the form of eBooks, fiction, biographies, how-to articles, and well-researched non-fiction on a variety of topics.


When she's not working to deliver excellent copy to clients, Sarah enjoys teaching Sunday school, reading graphic novels, watching movies with her family, running, hiking, and writing fiction.


University of Louisiana

Sarah attended a 4-year state college from 1997 through 1999 and studied English literature, creative writing, and philosophy.

Liberty University

Sarah is currently enrolled in online learning at Liberty University and is studying Christian education.


4,087 Projects Completed

With real experience in both corporate business management and small-business start up, Sarah is able to deliver informative, well-researched articles on a variety of topics. She has managed a staff of up to 50 individuals in the past, has a Six Sigma Black Belt certification in DMAIC project management, and keeps up with trends and news regarding national business. Some of Sarah's favorite areas to research and write about include leadership, project management, human resources, and marketing.


4,027 Projects Completed

Sarah has over 15 years' experience working in a variety of office environments, including both small business and corporate office management. She has used small-business accounting software, including QuickBooks, and has worked in payroll, accounting and collections, and reception, among other areas. Her writing experience in this area includes thousands of blog posts, articles, and office-related product descriptions, including work for national office retailers.


3,285 Projects Completed

Sarah's hands-on experience includes technical project implementation, QA testing, and working as a business representative on process design teams. She has written hundreds of articles, posts, and documents for clients in various technical niches, including eBooks for testing facilities and web copy for developers. Sarah delivers technical information in a clear manner that non-technical partners and clients will understand.


2,069 Projects Completed

Sarah has over seven years of Revenue Cycle Management experience and four years' experience as an accounting manager. She has written ebooks on investment strategy and personal finance, as well as hundreds of blog posts and articles on investing, real estate management, small business management, taxes, accounting, and personal finance.


1,503 Projects Completed

Sarah's children's writing and curriculum publication credits include work with Augsburg Fortress, Standard Publishing, Gryphon House, and The Kid's Ark. She has also ghost-written art curriculum and numerous articles related to education, children's activities, and games.


751 Projects Completed

Sarah has written reviews, product descriptions, and web copy for dozens of car dealerships and several car-related websites.


620 Projects Completed

Sarah is most interested in entertainment projects that spawn from science fiction and fantasy geekdom. She loves to write about subjects from the Doctor's T.A.R.D.I.S. to whether the casting for the latest Marvel or DC film is up to snuff. She's a fan of comic books, movies, and television shows, as well as action adventure, historical drama, steampunk, and just about anything in between. Sarah has also ghostwritten movie reviews for several prominent blogs.


570 Projects Completed

With ten years experience in back-end medical offices, Sarah is an expert in Revenue Cycle Management, claims billing, medical records and documentation, coding, collections, and insurance verification. Sarah brings hands-on experience to client work, crafting actionable blog posts, articles, and white papers about claims billing software, healthcare-related news, and the turmoil in the insurance industry.


501 Projects Completed

With a wry sense of humor, Sarah writes comically inclined pieces that tend to border on the geeky. Humor writing for clients has included first-person narratives, ghost writing, and third person posts on a variety of bizarre situations and facts. With a propensity to interject quips about Batman, Doctor Who, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, or lightsabers, Sarah's humor definitely tends to play well to a certain audience, but she can pull that voice off for a range of topics from home improvement to office etiquette.


402 Projects Completed

Sarah has written hundreds of articles and blog posts on hiring, management, interview processes, resumes, human resources, and other career-related topics. She has specific knowledge and experience in project management, healthcare fields, and finance.


303 Projects Completed

Sarah's writing experience includes informational blog posts and recipes for several clients, with an emphasis in the health and organic food industries. She has also written brand and product descriptions for national kitchen retailers.


33 Projects Completed

Sarah has two craft books for upper elementary grades published by Enslow Publishers. She's also written crafts for various Sunday School Publishers and activities for Gryphon House Publishing's line of Encyclopedia Activity Books.


26 Projects Completed

Previous publications for Sarah include articles in Seek Magazine, Christian Devotions, Encounter, and Standard Publishing's Program book. In 2012, Sarah wrote blog posts for local faith magazine Karis, and she also has experience writing numerous church curriculum pieces, including Sunday School lessons, children's church lessons, and Vacation Bible School curriculum. She writes holiday programs for her home church, and some of those have been published in program books by Standard.


5,263 Projects Completed

Sarah has written hundreds of articles on a variety of topics for clients all over the world. She can write quality articles according to your style sheet, and is proficient in American, UK, or Australian English.

Blog Post

3,529 Projects Completed

Sarah has ghost-written blog posts on a variety of topics, including product management, small business management, taxes, stationary, juicers, kitchen appliances, investing, buying a home, and text message applications. She strives to bring your readers valuable, helpful content while increasing SEO for your pages.

Product Description

2,045 Projects Completed

Sarah works with eCommerce stores and traditional retailers to create interesting, comprehensive catalog copy that informs consumers and converts to sales. She has worked with national retailers, mid-sized chains, and small businesses to highlight the features and benefits of items ranging from business cards to tennis shoes. Some of Sarah's most recent product descriptions include items such as kitchen accessories, home audio, office equipment, advertising signs, and baby products.

Newsletter Content

155 Projects Completed

Sarah has written, edited, and designed newsletters for small businesses, nonprofits, and churches. She can write single articles for inclusion in your email, website, or print newsletter or can work with you to create compelling content for an entire newsletter or ongoing column.


151 Projects Completed

Sarah's corporate experience provided her with many opportunities to build presentation skills. Whether you need engaging, concise, and educational copy for your PowerPoint presentation, bullet points for graphic displays, or narrative scripts for audio recordings, Sarah can deliver valuable content according to your style guide.


151 Projects Completed

Sarah's detail-oriented nature and technical acumen often landed her in a training role during her nine-to-five years. As a project coordinator, manager, and project manager, she built numerous training programs. She's also worked with clients to create actionable training sessions on a variety of subjects. Sarah has created training materials on proprietary software, Microsoft Office, Excel basics and advanced spreadsheet design, gMail, business writing, and many other topics.

Email Copy

108 Projects Completed

Sarah writes email copy for marketing campaigns and customer engagement. Her campaigns have successfully increased traffic for web development, healthcare, and language learning programs. From one-off emails to entire campaigns, Sarah's email copy will fit your style, target audience, and niche.


100 Projects Completed

Sarah has ghostwritten dozens of eBooks, some of which went on to achieve top Amazon ranking within their niche. Previous eBook topics include business management, finances, decorating, stress management, and goal management. Sarah can write from a provided outline or work with clients to develop from-scratch projects that meet client needs or speak directly to a certain niche in the market.

Facebook Post

88 Projects Completed

Sarah has a love of social media that's partly due to mild anxiety in real-life social settings. Over the years, she's developed a high comfort level on sites like Facebook and Twitter, which she brings to organizational and business Facebook posts. You'll benefit from Sarah's knowledge of social media and her ability to deliver catchy phrases and ideas for your page.

Twitter Post

50 Projects Completed

With a versatile vocabulary and an understanding of many industries, Sarah can craft targeted Twitter posts to engage you audience, encourage click through, and bring personality to your feed.

White Paper

47 Projects Completed

From product-specific documents to white pages that include statistical analysis of projects, Sarah can take your technical documents, research, and information and make it customer or client friendly. She's written white papers for healthcare manufacturers, Internet marketers, advertising agencies, and accounting software developers.

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