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Thursday Trends 1/23/20

What Content Marketers are Buzzing About This Week

We’re over the Wednesday hump, and Thursday has arrived. Which means two things: 1. Friday’s almost here; and 2. It’s time for another round of Thursday Trends! This week, get real about the world of content marketing by busting some common myths, gaze into the future, stop hurting your brand with silly content mistakes, learn to empathize with your customer base, and find out how to get the experts on your side.

Never Let Lies Limit Your Potential

Five Content Marketing Myths Holding Your Business Back via Forbes

One of the most common reasons businesses are unsuccessful in their content marketing efforts is that they’re operating under misapprehensions. Creating a content marketing strategy without a clear idea of how content marketing works, what you should expect, and how much it’s going to cost are sure-fire ways to run your content marketing efforts directly into the ground

Check out this article from Forbes to open your eyes to the realities of content marketing, so that you can strategize accordingly.

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Learn to See the World Through Your Customers’ Eyes

Brand Empathy: The One Critical Quality B2B Content Lacks via Content Marketing Institute

Customers want to be understood by the companies and brands they choose. If your B2B content strategy is lacking one thing, it’s probably empathy and the ability to acknowledge your customers’ pain points in a way that demonstrates you thoroughly understand the struggle.

This article from Content Marketing Institute outlines why it’s so important that your content marketing efforts empathize with your clientele. The article also provides some really helpful hints at exactly how you can be more empathetic in a way that increases your customer connections and conversions.

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Never Mess Up Again

9 Content Marketing Mistakes That Are Hurting Your Brand via SmarterCX

Boring subject lines, content avalanches, and content deserts — mistakes happen because we’re human, and most of the time that’s okay and unavoidable. The problem with making mistakes in content marketing, however, is that they can actually hurt your brand.

Step 1: Take a look at this comprehensive list of easily avoidable mistakes that you might be making — even as you read this article — in your content marketing strategy. Step 2: Avoid these blunders in the future for creating a solid brand with a killer content strategy.

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What Does the Future Hold for Content Marketers Around the World?

Back to the Future: What to Expect in Your Content Marketing Future via WriterAccess

Trends in marketing often dictate the choices we make when creating and publishing content. So, what content marketing trends can you expect to observe in the near future?

Check out this recent article from WriterAccess that rounds up some of the most popular predictions from content marketing leaders everywhere.

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Expert Opinions, Advice, and Knowledge Are Content Marketing Gold

How Do We Get Our Subject Matter Experts to Create Content? via Business 2 Community

It’s likely the experts in your field are busy with clients, research, or whatever it is they do; that’s why they’ve risen to a level of proficiency that allows them to be categorized as experts. So, when you need to create authoritative content to help you business become a thought leader in your industry, how can you convince an expert to set aside time for you?

Take a look at this article from Business 2 Community to find out!

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