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There’s No Crying in Content Writing!

Crying BabyWriting is one of those jobs that is much easier and rewarding to those that have a passion for the work. However, passion can make you more sensitive to criticism of your work and rejections—both of which are an unavoidable part of the content writing process. One of the most important things a writer learns is to do is to temper that passion with a thick skin. Discover how you can retain your love for your craft while still accepting the criticism that is inevitable—only then can you become your best.

Rejections Happen to Everyone

Have you ever read a Chicken Soup for the Soul book? This series has spawned dozens of titles and sold millions of copies around the world. However, author Jack Canfield got over 100 rejections for his first title before Heath Communications took a chance on this inspirational title. Whether you are first starting out or you’ve written for years, you will be rejected—don’t let it keep you from pursuing your dream.

Learn from Your Editors

When you get a piece sent back for revisions, it can be frustrating. After all, you put your heart and mind in the document and now someone is telling you it’s not good enough. However, it can help if you look at the revision as a chance to improve your piece of content—and learn something that will help you in the future. Think about the reason behind the revision or edit and put your all into doing what is necessary to make the piece its best. While revising your work may take some time, you gain valuable knowledge about yourself as a writer—and you probably won’t make that same mistake again.

It’s Not You—It’s Me (The Content Writing Mantra)

One final thing to remember is that when you are rejected or have your work revised, it could be that there is nothing at all wrong with what you’ve written. It could be that it is simply not a good fit for the website or publisher you’re working with at that time. Don’t give up—keep trying and perhaps you’ll find your place in the world of content writing.

When it comes to writing, the old adage holds true: “Nothing ventured, nothing gained.” Send out that proposal, pitch that idea or write that first draft. You may hear a few nos or get a critical response to your work, but each of these is simply an opportunity to improve your craft and grow as a writer.

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