Successful Web Content Writing: Learning from the Past

Thanks to the digital age, you can be reading the news on the Internet at one moment and making a purchase the next. Whether you’re ordering new boots or booking a flight, the transaction can be completed with just a few clicks. Today’s savvy advertisers hire professional writers to produce quality web content that appears […]

Don’t Let Demote Your Website

Phantasmagoria: “An illusion, mirage or fantasy, often as seen in dreams.” Phantasmagoria sounds a bit like what we fall prey to when creating a web page: We imagine and hope that building keywords ever so carefully into our page will, as in a dream, bring us to nirvana: A Page One placement in the search […]

Content Marketing: The Strategy With a Personality

Content marketing, by any other name (customer media, customer publishing, branded content, corporate media, corporate journalism, branded media, et al) is the reigning king of web content. Do you agree with many observers? If you’re not creating useful, valuable content for your targeted audience, you’re not marketing at all. Consumers Are Tuning Out Traditional Marketing […]