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Surprise Yourself with a Subscription Box

If you find yourself without time to shop for things like toilet paper and food—because you spend your days staring down a computer screen while spitting out words for a content writing service—consider a monthly subscription service. Perhaps you need to buy a gift for someone, but you are so out of the loop that you think fingerless gloves are something only digital amputees would wear. Check out the top picks in subscription boxes, which are monthly boxes filled with lollipops in the form of beauty treatments, fishing lures or eco-friendly vegan treats. Worried you’ll end up in a Jelly of the Month club or that you’ll get stuff that only your 90-year-old grandmother would appreciate? Well, you haven’t seen the revolutionary way these subscription services have attracted their customers.

Subscription Boxes for the Ladies

The hottest thing on the market, subscription services for the younger generation ship you a monthly box filled with the trendiest fingernail polishes by Julep, eco-friendly products, stylish threads or glamorous high end makeup samples. Some of the most desirable subscription boxes include:

  • Birchbox—This invitation-only service sends out samples of designer makeup and accessories; look for names like Smashbox, Kiehl’s and Carol’s Daughter among the groovy samples; there is also Birchbox Man for the gentlemen out there.
  • Blissmo—Go green with eco-friendly full-sized products ranging from biodegradable laundry detergent to fair trade coffee beans. Each month you get to choose from three types of boxes ranging from beauty products to house cleaning goodies.
  • Julep—Voted as one of Oprah’s favorite things, this fashion forward fingernail polish line is not only highly recommended and available in funky hues, but it is also free of harsh chemicals. Each month you’ll get one of the newly released colors of the upcoming season; be the first to sport those glittery teal tips as you develop a fingernail polish addiction.

Subscription Boxes for Men

Other than Birchbox Man, which hooks dudes up with everything from Italian heritage shaving cream to Lucky Tiger face moisturizer, subscription boxes allows guys to keep their bathroom and kitchen pantry in stock without moving from their desk chair. Check out these masculine monthly boxes:

  • Mantry—Full-sized bags and bottles of food items, such as Norwegian reindeer jerky or Oaxaca hot chocolate, are delivered to your door each month; must get on a waiting list to be invited to this exclusive man club.
  • The Dollar Shave Club—Keep your stubble at bay with this affordable and efficient razor service that provides you with fresh blades on the regular.
  • 12Society—Who says you need a girlfriend to keep you looking sharp? Now you can have your very own stylist who sends you things like snazzy sweaters and hip headphones thanks to 12Society.

Tips on Subscription Boxes

These subscription services range from $10 to $20 and up. Typically boxes will include either samples of the latest items on the market or full-sized products, depending on the company and subscription you select. Another common issue with setting up a subscription to some of these boxes is that some require you to be “invited” after getting on a waiting list. Also, you can cancel your subscription at any time, and these companies typically offer 6-month and 1-year subscriptions to save you money. A final note, these subscription services almost always sell more of the products they send you, and as a subscriber to their service you receive a discount on these items from their online stores. So now you have even more motivation to spin more content than ever for your favorite content writing service, so you can afford these subscription services.

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