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Specialized Skills You Need to Advance Your Freelancing Career


When you start out as a freelance writer, you pick up some skills fairly quickly. You may end up writing a great deal of blog posts, articles and web page copy. As you get more experienced, you might decide that you should branch out into new genres of writing, like press releases or creating a business plan. Here are a few relatively simple ways that you can use your writing skills to break into new, lucrative writing fields.

Press Releases

Writing a press release may seem somewhat overwhelming, but it is not that shockingly difficult. Press releases are quite formulaic, with certain points that have to be included. The hardest part, really, is to create a headline that will really draw in the reader’s attention. Focus the bulk of your energy on the headline, subtitle and lede paragraph. Keep muttering the words, “Who cares?” as you write. Press releases are only successful if they draw attention to something new or particularly revolutionary that a company is doing. If you can make your press releases glow with anticipation without exulting the point too much, you will please your clients to excess.

Business Plans

There is so much about starting a business that has the potential to overlap as marketing materials. Truly, you write marketing materials all the time, even if you don’t yet see them as such. Business plans are but one example. While business plans are incredibly detailed and take a fair bit of research and time to write, they too are not exceptionally hard to accomplish. Chances are, you are more qualified to write one than the prospective small business owner who wants to hire your services. So, spend a little time on the U.S. Small Business Administration’s website to study the fundamental components of a business plan. Then, use your skills in audience analysis to help small business owners create a business plan that will entice banks, crowdfunding organizations or even venture capitalists to throw a little money their way.

Content Design

Even though print media is gradually going the way of the dodo, you should still be able to appreciate the beauty of a well-designed blog post, newsletter article or eBook. If you lack a fundamental understanding of design, however, you might miss out on clients who need more than just words. You are well aware of the importance of breaking up your text so that the reader does not become overwhelmed. Take it one step further, and promote your skills with the ability to add pictures, graphs, lift-out quotes and more, without making the page look cluttered.

The skills you need to advance your freelancing career are in your head. You can add to them greatly, improving your ability to satisfy your clients, with a little online research and some practice.

holly sHolly S has a background in communication and journalism, which suits her perfectly for her tasks in audience analysis and content design.


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