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Holly has over a decade of experience writing in the fields of communication, journalism and history. She obtained a master's degree in a writing-intensive discipline and possesses years of academic, professional and non-profit experience in editing and arranging for distribution the written works of herself and others. As a professional writer, she has written hundreds of articles and blog posts on topics including technology, finance, home and garden, health and wellness, food and beverage, travel, and education. She has a campy wit and writes well in a variety of voices, from professional to humorous. She has built an extensive understanding of SEO and content marketing tactics to ensure that her writing will reach prospective readers in the right demographics.
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Holly has a wide variety of interests and hobbies. She is an avid cook and baker who focuses on natural food that tastes wonderful. She loves to do many different forms of exercise including hiking, running, Pilates, yoga, interval training and weight-lifting. She has an extensive background in college debate, and so she has always had a love for argument and discourse. In her spare time, she might be seen reading or watching indie films.


San Diego State University

Holly S. took a very broad approach to study for her bachelor's. She researched in-depth the historical areas of World War II and the Holocaust, the history of religion, and the history of women. As an undergraduate, she wrote a senior thesis on the Tudor King Edward VI, using extensive primary source research for her writing.

San Diego State University

Holly S. studied several periods and areas in her graduate program. She has hands-on primary source research experience modern American history and modern European history, focusing specifically on the American West, World War II, and Tudor England. Her thesis discussed clerical marriage in the Tudor period (1550's). After graduation, she has maintained her skills and interest by studying Latin and translating documents from the 16th Century.

Home Living

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Holly is interested in making the home fantastic, as well as a safer and more efficient place to live. As a professional writer on home living, she has written about construction, interior design, hardwood or tile flooring, gardening and outdoor living, and various concerns surrounding HVAC equipment and efficiency. She brings a sense of understanding about homeowners' busy lives, and helps them identify ways they can improve their homes without breaking the bank or upsetting their routines.


883 Projects Completed

Holly has written a very great deal about many topics surrounding the construction industry. These include environmental considerations, construction equipment, safety, finance, insurance, best practices and more. She has the depth of knowledge necessary to explain a concept fully to readers without experience in the industry. Her simple writing style allows readers to gain useful information from her work without becoming confused.

Real Estate

793 Projects Completed

Holly has written in-depth about a spread of topics relating to the real estate industry. These include real estate trends around the United States, home values, the buying and selling processes, finding a realtor, custom homes, finding the right home and curb appeal. She has a wide variety of styles she draws upon to write about these subjects, from light and humorous to professional and authoritative.


624 Projects Completed

Holly has considerable skill in a large variety of topics. She believes that getting her clients' message across to the readers in an ideal fashion is most important. As such, she is not afraid to tread into the interesting, the horrifying, the exciting and the off-the-wall. She finds that a sensible approach and a decent sense of humor allows her to broach difficult or uncomfortable topics with ease.


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Holly started writing in the industry of utilities with an emphasis on green practices that reduce energy consumption and save money. Over time, she has branched out into product reviews, sensible practices, maintenance, troubleshooting and basic repair for HVAC and plumbing systems. Her talent lies mainly in showing readers how a little work can have a big payoff in their home comfort and the lifespan of their HVAC or plumbing equipment.


374 Projects Completed

Holly has written on a variety of topics in the health care field. While she generally focuses on health concerns related to women and children, she has also mastered many other subjects. She has written broadly about and researched deeply into sleep, pregnancy, breastfeeding, infant and child care, exercise, nutrition, sex, migraines, alopecia and various eye disorders.


329 Projects Completed

Holly has spent years researching various topics related to personal finance as a matter of interest. She has written about credit reports and scores, credit repair, loans, reverse mortgages, debt settlement, debt management and financing concerns for small businesses. She is adept with blog posts, journalistic articles and advertorials. Her attention to detail and her engaging style makes it easy for readers to understand more complex topics, such as the loan process.


217 Projects Completed

Holly spent many recent years studying and working in academia. She served as a teacher, a coach and an instruction aide in the areas of journalism, history and communication. She has worked with both K-12 students and college students of all ages. More recently, she has written extensively on a broad variety of subjects relating to education. They include Common Core, general study habits, college crime, financial aid and comparisons of disciplines and education programs. Her experience writing about schooling and alternative learning for people of all ages makes her an ideal writer for any education topic.


211 Projects Completed

Most of Holly's work as a professional ghostwriter involves appliances related to the HVAC and plumbing industries. She writes in a variety of voices, from light and entertaining to professional or academic. Clients find her knowledgeable about efficiency, maintenance and repair concerns for HVAC or plumbing equipment, including air conditioning systems, furnaces, boilers, water heaters, heat pumps and associated ductwork.


169 Projects Completed

Holly has been a fitness enthusiast for many years. She enjoys a variety of outdoor activities, including hiking, running, walking and sports. She is an expert in writing about finding fitness in unexpected places, and managing a healthy lifestyle with a busy family life. She loves to try new things, and as a result can discuss weightlifting, interval training, and classes from yoga and Pilates to Zumba and Cardio Barre. Her easygoing style and ability to accurately estimate the needs of her readership, as well as her deep knowledge of a variety of health subjects, makes the decision to choose her for fitness articles a simple one.


156 Projects Completed

Holly has an extensive background in the study of women's issues, going back over 15 years. In her bachelor's and master's programs in college, she studied the history of women in many regions and periods of time. She minored in women's studies, but continued that education into graduate school. For well over a decade, she has been active in women's activist groups and non-profits that serve marginalized women, as well as organizations that focus on improving the lives of girls worldwide. As a result of her work and study, she has written thousands of articles and blog posts about concerns related to women. As a mother of young children, her primary focus at the moment finds her writing about sex-positive motherhood and feminism, concerned with local and national legislation that helps women balance work, family and their individual aspirations. In the recent past, she has also studied and written about transnational feminism, abortion and family planning, and feminist philosophy. Her wit and humor, as well as her dedication to reasonable discourse, makes her an ideal candidate to elaborate on the most academic and dry issues concerning women today.


133 Projects Completed

Holly has years of experience generating a variety of marketing materials for businesses and nonprofits, including advertorials, newsletters, articles, blog posts, social media and more. More recently, she has delved into a deeper understanding of the unique marketing strategies required by small businesses, as well as the needs of marketing companies that wish to gain their business. As a result, she remains current on the latest content marketing strategies, from analytics to social media trends. She is adept at writing about marketing for B2C and B2B, and simplifies difficult concepts for an audience just getting started.


114 Projects Completed

Holly has traveled extensively, particularly in Europe and the western United States. She has written on travel in a variety of topics, focusing on travel deals, going it alone, finding interesting places off the beaten path and travel with small children. Her humorous, engaging style makes the regions she describes come alive.


114 Projects Completed

Holly does not do anything halfway, and parenthood is a good example of this. She has been researching and writing about parenting topics since she was first expecting a child over seven years ago. She directed her impressive research skills to all facets of parenthood, from health during pregnancy and breastfeeding, child discipline and nutrition, to reviews of popular consumer goods for parents and children. She has spent over 10 years volunteering for a nonprofit that improves the lives of school-age children. She also administers several Facebook groups that provide evidence-based information to mothers, who seek the best advice for caring for their children. Her casual, humorous style allows her to express even the most abstract topics in a delightful manner.


97 Projects Completed

Holly has been an amateur baker and chef for the past several years. She prefers to focus on the ease of making food from scratch with a minimum amount of ingredients. Her approach to basic cooking and baking makes her a shoe-in when she writes for naturalists, foodies, and those who just want to go back to the traditional. An avid foodie herself who is willing to try almost anything, she can wax poetic about subjects ranging from glutamic acid to gummy bears. She is currently working on an eBook series providing insight and recipes for people who face complicated dietary restrictions. Her quick, humorous, engaging style pleases readers from many backgrounds.

Green Living

28 Projects Completed

Holly is personally dedicated to living a less-wasteful lifestyle. As such, it is natural to her to research and write about green living. She has written about the little things families can do to reduce their carbon footprint, and also has written advice for businesses on building to achieve LEED certification.

Blog Post

2,888 Projects Completed

Holly S has maintained several personal blogs on a variety of subjects ranging from cooking to the study of history. Professionally, she has written dozens of blog posts for many different industries. Her ability to identify the right voice for the blog and her communication experience results in written content that deftly disseminates an effective message.


1,260 Projects Completed

Holly S has written hundreds of articles that are used in online and email newsletters as well as print sources. Her years of experience have given her the ability to write quickly under duress while at the same time providing insightful content that is engagingly written.


25 Projects Completed

Holly S spent years speaking competitively for her college. Her talent and work earned her many awards at the state and national level. After her experience in competition, she dedicated the following five years to coaching students at the high school and college level in public speaking, argumentation and debate. She has written speeches for competition and for presentations before large crowds at both government and non-profit institutions.

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