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Sending Out Good Vibes and Positive Feelings through Product Descriptions

good vibes

Fall is a time on introspection. Everyone slows down, bundles up and digs deep. Reflections over the year’s events, deciding on New Year’s resolutions. It’s a time to get in touch with one’s emotional side. For a product description writer, however, it’s a ripe opportunity to capitalize on readers’ feelings. Call it what you will, but giving your reader what they are looking for at exactly the right time is golden for marketers. Plus, you have the holiday season to bank on, all of those gifts to be bought and shoppers’ caution thrown to the wind. Turn emotions and feelings into product descriptions your readers will drop their bottom dollar for with these tips.

Seasonally Affective Descriptions

Nope, this isn’t that SAD that many people experience during the season, causing their emotions to get out of whack. You want descriptions that are seasonally associative. Think:

  • Seasonal weather conditions, whether that means snow in South Dakota or palm trees swaying in Florida, tailoring it toward your target readership
  • Holiday party themes, stories and memorable experiences
  • Emotions associated with being jolly, with crazy and thankfully distant cousins, or having one’s first Christmas gathering as a new family, in a new house, or as a newly divorced person

Make it fit, and your SEO and seasonal content will help your site attract the right attention.

Get Boozy with It

People love to let it all hang out for the holiday season. They over-shop, over-bake, over-indulge in spirits and over-visit their friends and relatives. Your product descriptions should be equally indulgent. Don’t stop at the simple description. Tack on some fluffy bows, handmade tags and gaudy wrapping paper, with a healthy sprinkle of holiday cheer tossed on for good measure. Your audience will love it, lapping it up like a new puppy catching its first snowflakes.

Love is in the Air

All good product descriptions include feel good words, and your holiday content should explode with emotion. Start with overly descriptive words that ooze of emotions. Here are some examples:

  • Instead of sweets or holiday foods, go with treats worthy of Santa Claus’s cookie plate or some similarly effective analogy.
  • Use edible colors, such as honey instead of yellow, cotton candy instead of blue or chocolate instead of brown.
  • Focus on holiday themed activities in relation to your product sales, such as advertising basic T-shirts as the perfect backdrop for your next Ugly Sweater wearable.

The idea is to use words and phrases that make people feel good about what they are going to buy. Forget buyer’s remorse, save that until the New Year. People want to get into the spirit of things, and that means buying things they have no business buying. As long as your product descriptions cater to these emotional outbursts, your business will be seeing black far past Black Friday.

miranda bMiranda B has been to Wal-Mart, the Mall of Georgia and soon the Mall of America on Black Friday. To say she’s been where the emotions run rampant among shoppers is an understatement.


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