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Satisfying the Readers between the Printed Sheets (so to speak!)

between the printed sheets

Crusty old-time journalists used to boast about their abilities to “satisfy the readers between the printed sheets.” That sort of spirited newsroom braggadocio has little meaning in today’s world of digital publishing, online content, personal videos and broadcast news. The concept, however, remains valid, and has an effect on the relationship between a client and a website content writer.

There may be no magic formula to assure squeals of delight with every submission, but there are some consistent practices that both SMBs and writers should adopt. They are:

  • Strive for Meaning. Content should offer something of value to the reader. Beyond SEO, and more meaningful than a simple reiteration of what a company is and does, effective content should inform, entertain, cause an emotional connection, or move a reader to action. Above all else, the written word should be accurate, relevant, logical and insightful.
  • Define Priorities. Do you prefer your content scholarly, whimsical, informal, serious, humorous, colorful or fact-filled? Should the writing be fit or full-bodied, powerful and well-developed, or soft and tender? Should readers be inspired to act or simply be entertained by beautiful word pictures? Let your writers know your requirements so that they can best meet your needs.
  • Cultivate Resources. The antidote to boredom and diminished satisfaction is to venture into new surroundings and to publish varied content. If your blog posts have lost some spice, it might be time to publish a video or shake it up with a cartoon. Investigate, explore and embrace new ideas. Your online marketing will benefit from the mix.
  • Be Not Afraid. The dance between a new writer and client may be a one-time event, but it might also lead to a lasting and fulfilling relationship. Likewise, there is little that livens up a dull social encounter (even social media) like a new partner. So, if you have the chance, give it a whirl. Take those new steps. Learn to two-step or tango as well as you waltz! Or cultivate a relationship with another writer. Play the field before you settle down!
  • Don’t Give Up. One less than perfect encounter should not spoil the chance for long-term success. Chances are that the more you work with a professional content writer, or a team of writers, the more satisfied you will be. A platform like WriterAccess assures that, while the matches may not be made in heaven, the matching of clients and writers will result in satisfaction on both sides.

Whether you meet your content writers – virtually – quite regularly or you require their services only occasionally, realize that mutual respect should be the basis of every encounter. The continuing goal of any freelance writer is to offer the best possible service and to satisfy you, the client, as professionally as possible.  An occasional virtual pat on the back, however, is always appreciated!

Adrienne C once saw herself as a fast-typing, press-pass flashing, raincoat-clad reporter type with a wealth of stories to tell. She still tells the stories, but from the comfort of her home and a modern computer screen.

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