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Adrienne C
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More than two million words written for WriterAccess alone, and every one of them meaningful . . . Just to put it in perspective, the King James version of the Bible contains just over 783,000 words, and seven volumes of Harry Potter only totaled 1,084,170 words!

A recent comment from a client pretty well sums up Adrienne's abilities:

"Omg you are brilliant! Thank you so much!!!"

Adrienne C. is justifiably proud of her content writing career. She is the consummate professional, with boundless enthusiasm for every assignment she accepts.

Her highest praise is expressed simply, from not just one, but many clients:

“I really like the way you write, Adrienne.”

Trained as a journalist, she arrived at her current freelance career the long way around. She has written professionally for newspapers, magazines, colleges and universities, for a variety of businesses and for non-profits. She also detoured into successive (and successful) entrepreneurial ventures, including home building and design, real estate home staging, organizational image building, event planning and, more recently, a cottage catering business specializing in salads and healthy foods. However, her greatest satisfaction stems from her calling as a Wordsmith. She cares about words, and about how they are strung together to express ideas.

Adrienne has ghostwritten speeches, edited manuscripts, worked on anthologies, dabbled in memoir and personality profiles, and still loves scavenging for stories in out-of-the-way places and unusual surroundings. Although she now considers herself primarily a storyteller and word stylist, she also has a finely-honed design sense and enjoys the creativity of website design, including selecting images and fonts to convey a particular mood or message.

With a style that is spare and to the point, Adrienne delights in presenting facts accurately. But she also strives to lead readers into unknown worlds, worlds filled with ideas to explore and information to digest. She views her mission alternately as guide, teacher, informer, storyteller or weaver -- always imaginative, always coherent, always accurate.

Adrienne takes pride in her craft; she enjoys writing what she knows, and she delights in learning. She is as adept at researching an unfamiliar topic as she is at presenting fresh word pictures to showcase the familiar.

She is equally happy crafting content for WA clients, writing stories under her own byline, or telling tales and expressing opinions on her personal blogs. Increasingly these days, she specializes in writing about travel and history, good food and great restaurants, off-the-beaten-path places, healthy living, personal growth and development, motivation and team-building topics, and creative entrepreneurship, leading readers into new worlds to discover.

Adrienne is an acknowledged pro at writing blog posts, but she is also adept at long-form articles and personal profiles. She always manages to capture reader attention -- from an opening line to the final sentence.

She does exactly what one crusty old-time journalist insisted that writers ought to do: She strives to satisfy her readers between the printed sheets. (so to speak!)
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