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Remodel Your Blogging

Remodel Your BlogBuying a new car or a new house isn’t always a practical move. Sometimes, undertaking a restoration project to spruce up your current vehicle or home makes more financial sense and can get these things looking like new again after several years of use.

The same is true with blogging. If the blog you created for your business is not drawing as much traffic as it once did, there’s no reason to scrap it and start over from scratch. You can hire a blog writer and turn them loose on a blog remodeling project.

Taking new approaches to blogging can help make it feel fresh and original again. All it takes is adding a few new wrinkles to your content production.

Redesign the Blog

When remodeling a house, sometimes all you need is a fresh coat of paint and some new furniture to make everything feel like new again. Injecting life into your blog might come down to simply creating a new blog design. Try out new fonts and graphics. Tinker with the layout and structure. A blog redesign is especially helpful if you have recently updated your business branding or logo. The blog should be updated to match it and keep your branding voice consistent.

Revisit Posts from the Past

Did you have a blog post or series of posts that generated a ton of traffic and sparked conversations with your followers? It might be worth revisiting those topics and ideas again. Following up popular blog posts can help shift your blog out of neutral. You can offer additional information not available the first time around or explore the same idea from a new angle. Giving a fresh spin on a popular topic is always a good formula for boosting blog traffic.

Interact with Other Blogs

Making yourself a part of the wider blogosphere offers additional benefits beyond simply getting exposure for your business. It also gives you a chance to network with other bloggers in your industry. You can interact with their blogs and join in the conversation. It is a perfect place to not only share ideas, but to observe what things others are discussing. This can serve as great inspiration for what you can do with your own blog’s content.

Subscribe to New Information Sources

Expanding your research horizons can be a useful thing. Using the same RSS feeds and Google keyword searches over and over again can be like digging in the same spot in the same mine each day. Eventually the ore runs out. You need to look for information in new places. Take some time each week to explore new blogs and new feeds.You will get exposed to ideas you may not have considered or trends you may not have seen elsewhere.

Keep It Updated

Whatever you do to spruce up content, make a point of offering consistent servings of blog posts to your customers and potential customers. A blog lacking fresh content will hinder your business more than it helps it.

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