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Real Estate Trends: Reaching Readers in a Settling Market

142020092The key to creating content that leads to successful conversions is understanding the audience to find the right angle. In the real estate industry, market conditions fluctuate continuously. There is a constant push and pull from a buyer’s market to a seller’s market and the needs of any individual change with the markets. For freelance finance writers and real estate writers, this means staying on top of market trends to stay ahead of the reader to keep.

Today’s Market: Leveling Off

Although every region will have localized differences, in general, last year was a veritable feeding frenzy for home buyers. Mortgage interest rates were extremely low, and banks were starting to lend money again. On the other hand, sellers were not quite ready to start letting go of their homes in big numbers. This left far more buyers and investors in the market than there were homes for sale.

According to an article on Forbes, increasing mortgage interest rates and a greater number of homes coming on the market will tamp down the fierce competition among buyers. This is not necessarily bad news for sellers, though. Home prices are still on the rise, even if the trend is a little less sharp than it was last year, and buyers still have plenty of motivation to make a move.

Reaching Today’s Buyers

If you want to write content that speaks to today’s buyers, it is important to think about who they are and what makes them worry. Experts are predicting that Millenials will make up the largest group of homebuyers, and this is a group of people who have endured a great deal of economic turmoil as they were trying to leave the nest.

Millenials are starting families and buying homes later in life than previous generations, but they are finally starting to feel confident about their jobs and secure about their futures. Directing content towards Millenials means addressing these pressure points and easing their worries so they can feel confident about taking the plunge.

Reaching Today’s Sellers

Today’s sellers are a little more confident, so it is a bit easier to tap into what they want to hear. For most markets, conditions are reassuring, and home values are rising. It is likely that sellers that have been holding out for the last several years will finally be ready to put their homes up for sale. Writing for today’s buyers means continuing to inspire confidence in the market and reinforce the idea that this cooling off period means stability, not another dip.

Turning on a Dime

Reaching real estate readers in 2015 looks like it is going to be a matter of continual reassurance and optimism. It might be slightly tepid optimism, but it sure beats the years of having to prepare buyers and sellers for the realities of a crashing market. Freelance finance writers and real estate writers can start to breathe easy and have a little fun again, and that is good for people on both sides of the transaction.

Of course, real estate markets can turn on a dime. Be sure to check in regularly to see what the national and local markets look like before you get to work on any content. That way you can make sure you are up to speed on what readers need to hear.

Unable to commit to a single career, Robin K turned to writing as a way to be a part of everything she loves. Her favorite industries to write about include real estate, marketing, and green living. She enjoys long walks, Oxford commas, and hot coffee.

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