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Robin K
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Robin has enjoyed working in many industries before settling on writing as a career. She began as a Network Specialist for a large advertising agency in Chicago. During her years there, she learned about many aspects of the advertising world and had the opportunity to work with brilliant advertisers and marketers who inspired her love for the business. She has also worked for the Colorado Press Service and helped a small start-up marketing firm in central Nebraska on their journey toward the award-winning national company they are today.

Robin's experience ranges from marketing and advertising to accounting and administrative tasks. She also has several years experience in the property management and construction industry and is well-versed in the language of rental maintenance, new home construction, and the various steps of buying and selling a home.

Today, Robin is a dedicated writer who is committed to giving her clients the best of her experiences. She relishes the opportunity to learn something new and finds joy in researching for anything she is writing.
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