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No Experience to Tons of It–How Every Level of Experience Gets Hired in the Gig Economy

One of the biggest perks of the gig economy is being able to get into an industry at any level. You don’t have to be an expert to get a gig as a freelancer. Repeat, not an expert. While experts make the most money, you can start out at any level. Slip yourself into the writer or the marketer freelancer role wherever you are in your career. Even if you have no work history as a freelance writer or marketer, you can still pick up work in these areas of the gig economy. Consider the following when starting out as a freelancer with whatever amount of skill you have in the industry.

Dealing With a Lack of Credentials

Most writers working in web content are not graduating from college with a degree in English literature or creative writing. In fact, most are not. The majority of web content freelance writers are skilled and educated in another field of study. You’ve got attorneys and architects right alongside janitors and gym teachers writing in the gig economy. Anyone with skills, talent, or desire to be a writer can do so in this work environment.

Same goes for online, content, and social media marketers. While you can get a degree in marketing and advertising, this is not a prerequisite to be able to work in the gig economy. If you are interested in working in marketing, start reading and learning as much as you can regarding content marketing and social media marketing.

If you are worried about people asking you to show you a writing degree or certificate in marketing, don’t be. You do not need to be a professional, certified, licensed, or accredited individual to work in the gig economy. Sure it’s great if you are. But don’t let a lack of credentials discourage you. The beauty of a gig economy is being able to get to work with the least amount of resistance.

There are plenty of gig platforms in a variety of industries from business professionals to janitorial services. You can even rent out your personal plane, if you so happen to be endowed with such an aircraft. Instead of being focused on a single career, you can branch out and spread your skills across a multitude of industries. It’s the perfect choice for anyone who gets bored from working the same job for years on end.

Levels of Achievement

First off, forget what you know about the so-called corporate ladder in the gig economy. It has no rungs here. Instead you have levels of achievement that, just like any video game, you have personal goals you meet. If you are just starting out in the industry or you have six months of steady work under your belt, you can find paying assignments and projects. Clients have budgets and expectations that meet every level of writer or marketer.

Instead of thinking about starting out at the bottom like you would with any corporate post-collegiate career, think out where you are now with your skills. If you have some writing skills or knowledge in social media marketing, ask for pay accordingly. After all, you are not a newbie. You have talent even if you are “new” to this particular gig industry.

Creative Portfolios

So how do you present yourself when you don’t use the standard of college diplomas or certificates? One thing that will help no matter where you are at your achievement is an online portfolio. Whatever your level is you can showcase your talent and skills. If you have not sold a single piece of content or worked with any marketing clients, you will need to make some content for gratis as a sample. Stamp it as such so you don’t lose your hard-earned freebies.

Whatever you have published or sold should definitely be featured in your portfolio. Here are some places where you can create portfolios for your online content and clips:

Another place you can go to find marketing and writing portfolios and samples is right here at WriterAccess.

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