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Maximize Your Management through Effective Content Distribution

112156425One of the most crucial elements of your content marketing strategy is distributing your content to the right audience through the most efficient channels. Effective distribution is results-oriented, drives value and brand recognition. Once you have identified the channels that will be used, you must determine which methods will work best in crafting your global content delivery network. Using a variety of components in your plan will help properly manage your content to increase productivity and efficiency, and asking the right questions will help you review the effectiveness of your distribution methods:

  • Which content will be used for leads?
  • How and where are your competitors distributing content?
  • What metrics will be used to determine where your content should be distributed?
  • What resources and tools are you using?

The answers to these questions will help maximize the management of your content distribution. There are three types of content distribution channels that should be utilized: owned, earned and paid. Here are a few key tips to help in the management and development of your strategy:

  • Have a plan in place

You won’t know the dynamics of your distribution channels unless you do the research. Your plan should outline the process in detail to determine which channels best meet your needs. When researching your distribution channels, look at the referral sources in Google Analytics; watch and monitor conversations based on keywords and watch the trends in forums and other platforms. This will help shape your approach and save time in developing a distribution strategy that works.

  • Use a distribution management system

An effective distribution management system will help in the scheduling and delivery of all your messages, provide useful metrics on content usage, alleviate any gaps in the process, manage your lists, enforce accountability and maintain costs in distribution.

  • Distribute content to specific persona platforms

You need to make sure the content meets the wants and needs of each marketing persona you have created. This will ensure you are addressing each target at their interest point while saving time. Having different models for distribution on a global scale will help in the development, execution, delivery and management of content for your audience.

  • Use on and off-site links

This will not only help your SEO, but can position you as an industry leader, especially when linking to another resource that has valuable information to share.

Viewing the management and distribution of your content is an essential component of your strategy will assist in maximizing the return on the reach and effectiveness of each piece your create. Adopting a go-to-market mindset will help in establishing a programmatic approach to using diverse channels for global distribution and brand growth.

Every brand’s distribution strategy starts at the beginning. Know your audience, where they congregate, what types of content they desire, how to build relationships and how to get involved. This will help shape your writing style to address, manage and distribute relevant content to your audience.

Allaire W is a professional writer with a love for the written word and a sweet tooth that turned a hobby into a business. You can find her “cooking” up assignments while covered in flour or cake batter

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