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Make Keywords an Accessory, Not the Whole Outfit


What to do with crazy keywords? The client wants you to come up with a topic and the keyword is “gravel pusher.” You are, of course, the king of SEO content writing, but even you can’t create an article that will appeal to a mother of three living in Spokane, Washington using that keyword.

Think of a keyword as a nice piece of jewelry. You want it to tie in with the outfit you choose, but it is not designed to be the only thing you wear.  Consider ways you can come up with article topics for crazy keywords.

Who You Talking To?

The audience is a critical part of developing a topic. If the client doesn’t specify who that is, don’t make assumptions.

Let’s go back to the keyword “gravel pusher” for a minute. Am I writing to construction equipment manufacturers? Distributors? That mother of three who takes her gardening a little too seriously? If the target is not clear, and you can ask the client, that is a good place to start.

Avoid Generalities

How to become a dentist — how many times to you think that topic has been covered on the Internet? If you are hoping to make a career out of SEO content writing, you need to learn how to keep it fresh.

You can automatically cross off any topics that are too general. If you are not sure, plug your idea into Google. If eHow has six variations of it already in play, move on to something else.

Think Bigger

Using your keyword as an accessory is one way you can avoid writing in generalities. Think about the big picture instead of that one word or phrase. I’m a mom; I can tell you right now, we don’t care about gravel pushers — not in the least. We do care about kids, though.

Focus on something that does matter to your target audience and find a way to accessorize it with your keyword.

  • Five Construction Toys Every Boy Needs

One of the toys, you guessed it: a mini gravel pusher. What else do moms care about? Safety?

  • Construction Equipment Your Children Should Never Play Around

That seems like valuable information to have. If all the client wants is for you to find a way to use that keyword, try tying it to a larger concept.

If You are Stuck…

Find out what questions people are asking. Sites like Quora or Topsy help you track down trending topics that relate to your keyword. Unless the client specifically asks you to focus on the keyword, plug in relevant topics instead.

For example, if I type in gravel, I see people are asking about finding the right materials for a driveway. That might work.

Don’t let a wacky keyword keep you from taking a job and building a potentially lucrative relationship with a client dazzled by your brainstorming skills. Learn to use the keyword as an accessory that compliments a broader topic, instead.

Darla F is a full-time freelance writer and brainstorming aficionado. When she is not parked behind a keyboard pounding out fresh content, she spends her time writing fiction.

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