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Darla is a full-time freelance writer published internationally, editor, an award-winning author and a professional artist. Over the last decade, she has ghostwritten memoirs for a successful entrepreneur and created byline pieces for USAToday, Jillian Michaels, USARiseUP, New York Times -- About.com, Multibrief, MedCity News, LiveStrong, and AOL.

Darla recently edited a book for an award-winning author and wellness coach and is known for her ability to take complex topics and make them clear to anyone.

With an academic background in the sciences, medicine and healthcare, Darla F. spent years working as an EMT, but she has vocational experience in several industries. After college, she took a job as an Accounting Manager for the factoring division of a major bank in New Jersey and learned the basics of programming.

Darla loves a challenge and to experience new things, so, next, she tackled the website redesign for an automotive dealer in Florida. She taught herself to program in multiple languages and did all the graphic design, as well as managing their marketing department. The website includes an automated purchase order system written by Darla and a real-time inventory program.

Nowadays, she spends her time writing about veterinary medicine, healthcare, fitness, marketing and affiliate marketing along with tackling artistic projects like painting. Her first novel was published in 2009 and she is working on a second and third, while still creating engaging content for her clients.
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She is open-minded about writing topics, but her goal is to pick up work she finds compelling. She is interested in art, art history, news, health, pet health, fitness, marketing and affiliate marketing.


University of Nebraska

Darla majored at the University of Nebraska in biology with a minor in business finance.

Southeast Community College

Darla followed her university education with a two-year study of emergency medical technology with NRP certifications in both Nebraska and New Jersey.

University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine

Explore new breakthroughs in the treatment of patients during cardiac arrest and after successful resuscitation, including new approaches to cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) and post-arrest care.

University of California, San Francisco

8 week course covering the basics of normal nutrition plus evidence-based treatment options for optimal health and management of chronic disease.


1,335 Projects Completed

Darla's background is in the healthcare industry. She studied biology in college, and acquired EMT certification in two states. Today, she takes continuing education courses in nutrition, virology, global healthcare and the management of neuropsychological disorders, information processing and cognitive science. She has written articles about autism and ADD/ADHD, ghost blogged for a major developmental disorder intervention service and developed news stories for an air medical company magazine.


963 Projects Completed

Darla has been a student of the sciences for most of her academic career. She studied biology at the University of Nebraska and continues to take classes even today. Most recently, she completed a virology course with the University of California. Darla is a regular contributor to a mainstream healthcare magazine and ghost writes for a neuropsychologist on topics such as obesity and cognitive functions in children. She provides weekly blog posts to a manufacturer that specializes in single-use medical devices, as well.


769 Projects Completed

Darla F finds there is a connection between the worlds of beauty and health. She writes articles about natural beauty and how to make it look natural along with aging gracefully.
You'll find Darla's byline in some online women's and beauty publications covering everything from making your own lotion to eating right for beautiful skin.


587 Projects Completed

As a marketing writer, Darla has been able to stretch her skill set over many different industries. She currently is a regular marketing writer for telecom firms, healthcare facilities and automotive services -- just to name a few. Topics range from channel campaigns, social networking, search marketing, medical marketing, building a brand and finding marketing partners.


531 Projects Completed

Darla focuses on everything from women's health to lifestyle advice to newsworthy issues that women face today.
She has written pieces about aging gracefully, being successful in business and becoming a powerful and confident woman.


520 Projects Completed

A bit of a foodie herself, Darla spent years working in both the front and back houses of famous restaurants including several fine dining establishments at Walt Disney World. She worked as a prep cook, bartender and server.
As a WDW cast member, she was able to take classes about food pairings, wine and making desserts that wow.

Web Development

507 Projects Completed

Darla has a natural talent for programming, graphic design and website development. Over the years, she has used this talent to supplement her income. She started programming back when personal computers were just hitting the market. Her first program was an accounts receivable system written in Basic for Lotus. The application included a label generation system, payment input platform and a real-time aged trial balance.

She has mastered XML, C+, CGI, PHP and HTML 5 and worked on Dreamweaver, Illustrator, Flash and Word.


449 Projects Completed

As a medical writer, Darla made fitness and nutrition a core topic of study including completing a course in Nutrition for Disease Prevention at the University of Southern California. You will find fitness and diet articles with her byline in mainstream publications such as Livestrong, USAToday and Diet Spotlight. She even guest blogged for fitness guru Jillian Michaels.

Home Living

376 Projects Completed

As a homeowner herself, learning to master home living is not just a hobby, but a necessity. Darla has taken these skills and applied them to her writing. She has produced content that covers HVAC systems, living green, appliance repair and interior decorating.

Darla is an artist and enjoys dedicating those skills to her home, as well. She sews her own curtains and tackles eclectic design projects that require an artistic touch such as trompe l'oeil accents.


318 Projects Completed

Darla F recently contributed articles for a popular pet site. Her worked covered everything from vet care to the science behind crossbreeding.
Her most recent piece involved health concerns of dogs with brachycephaly (flat noses) such as pugs.

High Tech

258 Projects Completed

Darla has a natural talent for anything computer-related. She has worked as a graphic designer, website developer, database and LAN administrator and programmer. Her friends consider her the 'go-to' person when they have a computer that needs repair or upgrade.

Darla is proficient in multiple computer languages and even taught classes in XML. She still helps manage an automotive website she designed and programmed over ten years ago.


189 Projects Completed

As an avid bike rider, fitness is an integral part of Darla's life. She turned in her car over a decade ago and now uses a bike as her sole means of transportation. As a medical writer, Darla's key focus is weight management for optimal health and physical activity is part of that formula. She writes about safe ways to exercise, how to handle fitness related injuries and alternative ways to get the heart pumping.


153 Projects Completed

Gardening is a favorite hobby of Darla's and a subject she enjoys researching and developing. As a biology major, she has the educational background to understand the science behind plant growth and garden architecture, as well.


139 Projects Completed

After studying biology at the University of Nebraska, Darla went on to a career in emergency medical technology. Now, as a writer, she focuses much of her attention on science-related topics such as medical care, biology and the pharmaceutical industry. Her most recent title involved the use of laboratory management software.


87 Projects Completed

Darla developed a love for science, and especially biology, in her freshman year of high school and continued the study during her tertiary education. As a writer, she incorporates that love into articles about the environment, green living and sustainability, medical care, the pharmaceutical industry and other science related topics. She contributed a number of articles for online science magazine Bunsen Burner.


69 Projects Completed

Darla's background is in healthcare, but she has a natural talent for electronics and computers. She has used this ability over the years to supplement her income. For example, she provided original programming and graphic design to a local car dealership.

For over a year, Darla was a contributor to the New York Times About.com in the Programming and Web design channel. Her specialty was the markup language XML. She wrote online courses in both XML and SVG. Darla also writes extensively about computer and electronics repair.


4 Projects Completed

Darla wrote and published a daily column that covered oddball news stories and satirical commentary. The success of her News of the Day blog prompted her to start a second column titled Brilliance of the Beaten Path two years later. News of the Day manages to add new readers monthly even though her busy schedule gets in the way of publishing fresh articles. Self-publishing these humorous stories opened the door to professional writing positions.


5,701 Projects Completed

Darla started as a copywriter for an automotive company in 1999 and enjoyed the experience enough to start writing professionally part time. Darla has written for healthcare clinics and created pages for a variety of websites. In the last ten years, she has authored thousands of articles and is now published internationally.

Blog Post

3,286 Projects Completed

Over the years, blog posts have been one of Darla's key areas of service as a freelance writer. She not only ghostwrites blogs regularly for healthcare companies, doctors' offices, medical services and IT providers, she maintains two of her own blogs that cover odd news and humorous editorials.


11 Projects Completed

After getting a taste of copywriting, Darla decided to try her hand at fiction. Her first short story won Short Story of the Year from a popular literary magazine. Her first novel was listed as a Breakthrough book for 2009.

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