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Long Term Traffic from Today’s Hot News

Bringing Traffic Back to Old PostsAs a business owner in the technology or electronics industry, you have a lot of interesting information you can share with your customers and potential customers via your website’s blog. Most likely when you add a new blog post to your site, you see an immediate surge in traffic—especially if you are covering a big new product release or update. However, these blog posts tend to have a much lower impact on future traffic. The following tips can help you adjust your new posts to get the biggest impact on traffic now while still building long term visits.

  • Revisit Content – Six months ago, a new phone was released. You wrote an amazing blog post about this new release and it attracted a lot of attention. However, six months later your visits to this post have trickled down to nearly nothing! One way you can bring traffic back to this old post is by revisiting it. Write a quick blog post about a new feature added to the phone, an update or after-the-fact review, then link back to your old post. This allows you to gain new visitors to the page and re-purpose some of the content.
  • Utilize SEO – While a post about a new piece of technology can stand on its own, an old piece generally cannot. Follow some simple rules of SEO (this infographic by Mediawhiz breaks it down pretty well) when creating these posts and you’ll gain that important search engine traffic over the long run. If you’re not skilled in SEO, hiring freelance electronics copywriters can be a good solution.
  • Offer Tips and Advice – Instead of just giving information about a new product release, leave readers with actionable advice and tips. When you give readers something they can “do” instead of just something to read, you will continue to see traffic as your post is shared with others.
  • Make Posts Shareworthy – While much of your immediate traffic may be gained through the front page of your blog, long term traffic comes from search engines and social media. Great pictures make your posts “pinnable” on Pinterest and a creative takeaway can make it more likely for your posts to gain a stronghold on Facebook or Twitter. Consider what social media users will think of your post and work on ways to make it more appealing.

As you can see, there are ways to gain long term traffic from your “fresh of the press” technology or electronics news. Always think of ways to reach a new audience and don’t be afraid to try something new, and you will see a steady and consistent stream of traffic from your posts.

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