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It’s a Beautiful Day in the (Content Creation) Neighborhood

It’s a beautiful day in the neighborhood–the content creation neighborhood, that is. Much like the helpful neighbors in your community work together to create a safe and wonderful place to live, content creators come in many forms, and they all work together to build your online marketing campaign. Let us discuss a few of the content creation “helpers” out there that you will want to be your neighbor.

  • Content Strategist – A content strategist is like the crossing guard in your neighborhood. He or she keeps all the different parts of your content plan working smoothly together. Some tasks the strategist will do include managing the editorial calendar, putting together metadata frameworks and working up style guides. In some cases, the strategist may manage the writers, designers and other members of the team.
  • Writer – Writers are the cornerstone of any content marketing program. Good writing will meet your SEO needs but also remain enjoyable for your website visitors too.
  • Editor – An editor puts the final polish on all your content. He or she may proofread, fact check or find issues with formatting, among other important tasks.
  • Web Designer – You may not think about a web designer as part of your content creation team. The reality is that he or she is the engineer who builds the structure for all your content. Great design can also lead to SEO success.
  • Graphic Designer – Graphics are an important part of every content marketing campaign. Whether you are creating infographics, editing photos or just choosing the right stock images, a graphic designer is an important part of the team.
  • Videographer – Video is a hugely important form of content today. Who do you have working on your video campaigns? If you haven’t taken full advantage of this marketing tool, you’re missing out.
  • Social Media Guru – Social media helps you connect with your customers and helps you move from just communicating with your “neighborhood” to reaching the world. Writers may be able to help with some basic posting, but a social media expert can help you achieve more with social media today.
  • SEO Expert – The SEO expert should not be overlooked. Someone who understands the ins and outs of search engine optimization can make sure your content gets the attention it deserves.

In many cases, one person may fill more than one, or even several, roles. For example, your content strategist may also be an SEO person too. The most important thing is to look around your content “neighborhood” and see what roles need to be filled to enable you to reach your content marketing goals. WriterAccess can help connect you with writers, editors, and strategists that are sure to fit in the neighborhood. After you have all these content neighbors working their magic for you, you can sit back, put on a cardigan and some comfy shoes and spend your afternoon chatting with a few of your puppet friends. Your content creation process is in good hands!


With over a decade of experience in the content-writing business, Tracy S. has seen it all and written about most of it! Tracy has real-world small, local business knowledge. She can provide elevated assistance to these companies, ranging from plumbers to hairstylists to real estate agents–allowing them to reach new heights through content marketing. Tracy is also comfortable writing about vaping, CBD and dispensary-related topics.

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