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Are You Having the Right Conversation with Your Freelance Writer?

Contracting content writers is efficient, effective and inexpensive.

But getting successful content requires input from the customer AND the freelance content writer.  Addressing key concepts at the start of a project ensures that a writer will complete the piece to the customer’s satisfaction.

The S.O.A.P. method of organizing communication has been used to teach effective writing in classrooms for years, and it can be applied to requesting written content, too! Consider this example: a company wants to gain new market share with content on a social media site–one mainly used by adults aged 25-35.  The company would need to convey the following to its freelancers:

  • SPEAKER.  Whose voice should be communicated to the targeted audience?  The CEO of the company?  The brand they are attempting to promote?  Identifying a speaker enables content writers to use the appropriate tone.
  • OCCASION.  Is the company offering new interactive tools or providing new ways to review products online?  Knowing why a company is reaching out to customers offers better context for the writer’s content approach.
  • AUDIENCE.  Adults aged 25-35 have interests and concerns different from those of older demographic groups. Knowing the intended audience helps the content writer choose appropriate language.
  • PURPOSE.  Should content convey the need for a new product that makes life easier, or does it deliver peace of mind that can only be achieved with its purchase?  The content writer needs to know.

If the conversation between a customer and a writer includes a discussion of S.O.A.P. elements,  the customer will end up with the content they desire.

About the author

Judy T‘s work in a public relations firm provided assignments to market services and promote tourist attractions. Her work in a non-profit educational organization offered the following opportunities for communications: outreach to educator clients and state legislators concerning college-readiness issues; communications offering solutions to relevant educator challenges; analysis of data; marketing pieces for conference promotion; conference presenter profiles. She was frequently asked to rewrite copy created by others in order to improve communication and impact. 

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