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Judy's work in a public relations firm provided assignments to market services and promote tourist attractions. Her work in a non-profit educational organization offered the following opportunities for communications: outreach to educator clients and state legislators concerning college-readiness issues; communications offering solutions to relevant educator challenges; analysis of data; marketing pieces for conference promotion; conference presenter profiles. She was frequently asked to rewrite copy created by others in order to improve communication and impact.

Other writing includes: assigned interview-based business profiles written on deadline; articles promoting tourism; and personal journal/blog essays.
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Effective communication conforming to desired style, intended audience and space restraints; targeted research and interpretation of information for audience consumption; solutions-oriented communications based on supported foundation


College-readiness issues; student- and educator-related issues; medical challenges with an emphasis on understanding symptoms for diagnosis and developing effective coping strategies; book clubs, literature and book reviews; domestic and international travel; cooking; volunteer opportunities with a focus on mission trips and long-term projects working with under-served populations; efficient navigation of online resources for the casual user


University of Arkansas at Little Rock

Judy completed her Bachelor's degree in 3 1/2 years, including transferring from another university after marriage. Her teaching credentials were achieved the semester following graduation.

University of Central Arkansas

Soon after Judy began to teach, she realized a master's degree would be useful in her career. She took classes during the school year while teaching and carried a full load in summer semesters to achieve the degree.


1 Projects Completed

Judy's work in education focused on sharing successful college-readiness strategies as well as offering research-based solutions for specific challenges. Research findings conducted by non-profit, research-based, educational organizations were shared with stakeholders at state education agencies, state legislatures, superintendents and others vested in education.

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0 Projects Completed

Part of Judy's job description included testing data analysis on behalf of ACT-associated educator advisor groups at the state level; purpose of the analysis was to determine effectiveness of college-readiness strategies at the high school level. This analysis led to development and distribution of press releases on behalf of the advisor group, acknowledging significant improvements in college-readiness levels for students based on access and achievement patterns based on testing data. The press release sample below represents one of the communications that was sent to a qualifying high school.

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