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Intermediate Social Media For Businesses: Facebook Group and Page Management


Some business owners feel they have a good grasp on social media. But all it takes is one post or link going viral and now your Facebook page is chock full of visitors. Will they stay? Will they go? Will they alienate your existing customer base and stall your plans for further web content development? Keeping the peanut gallery interested in your business’s social media outlets and under control is a difficult balancing act. These tips help you manage a quickly growing Facebook page or group, without losing your sanity:

Hired Help

When you have an established Facebook page or group as part of your web content development, you may think you can take the posts as they come. That is, until one of your posts goes postal. Then you wake up to discover that your reach has tripled. Oh, no! Oh, yes! Your experience can go in a couple of directions. It could be great for your business and drive unique traffic to your website. Or these new fans could clog your page with violent epithets, not unlike the streets of Oakland after a Raiders game. It is now time to get at least one more person on board to help you moderate.

Page Limits

Facebook makes it super simple to restrict how much random visitors can influence the web content development of your page. For example, you can change who has the ability to post pictures, videos, or new threads. While you get control of the increased traffic, you may decide to limit who has this power to prevent your page from spam takeover. You can even curb people from posting with certain words or starting threads that contain profanity. Once you have the settings changed to your new preferences, be sure to keep as many eyes on the page as possible. After all, you do not know when the next newcomer thread will explode like Vesuvius, leaving a trail of ashes everywhere.

Group Checks

Facebook groups have similar limits that you want to enforce. If you set up a group to sell local handmade items, for example, you must create some rules. Otherwise, as in the pages, it will be spam, spam, eggs and spam. Have you seen unmoderated Facebook groups? It is like a Monty Python sketch in there. Start by controlling how visible the group is and decide who has the power to add new members. Build a list of rules for the group. Be sure to include which subjects are allowed, which are prohibited, as well as any general rules of conduct. Then pin that post to the top.

Managing a Facebook group or page that just catapulted into popularity is a wild ride. You may get more business than you ever intended, but you have to make sure that these browsers are here to stay and muster the courage to take out the trash. When it comes to social media management, you want controlled excitement. As long as you can keep your eyes on the road, your social media outlets will continue to grow.

Holly S is high-strung enough to draw energy from decaf coffee.

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