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How Educating the Public Brings Law Offices New Clients

Legal Content WritingOnline competition in the legal area is high—but savvy marketing agencies can make sure that their clients are at the top of the search engine results for their customers. One of the most effective ways you can help your law office clients keep visible and bring in more business is deploying a robust content-based inbound strategy.

Some of the reasons straight forward, informational legal content writing helps your marketing efforts:

Many People May Not Know They Have Legal Options

Few people think about sticky legal situations before they find themselves in one. In situations ranging from DUI to workers compensation disputes, many people will not be aware of their legal options. When your law office clients add informative blog posts, articles and eBooks to their websites, they provide people in their communities with the tools to protect their legal interests. Educating the public about their rights can, in the long run, help increase business for your legal clients.

Blogs Are a Non-Confrontational Way to Get Information

Contacting a law office can be intimidating or even embarrassing for many people. Informative posts on your clients’ blogs give individuals an easy, zero-commitment way to test the waters and learn more about whether they should seek counsel. Ideally, a law office website should have a regularly updated blog that discusses things like:

  • The basics of your client’s practice area. Use this as a space where potential clients can figure out whether this lawyer takes their type of case.
  • Posts about recent cases that can affect client outcomes. Readers can learn whether someone else has had a similar experience.
  • Timely, seasonal posts that address issues that are more prevalant in specific times of the year. For instance, a personal injury lawyer could feature blog posts about slip and fall accidents on the ice during winter, or injuries in boating accidents in the warmer months.

Over time, your clients’ blogs can be informative resources that help educate people who may require legal assistance.

Sharing Valuable Information Builds Trust

If your clients’ websites act not only as a means of contact but as a clearinghouse for valuable legal information, people will come to those sites to learn more about their legal rights. And, many of those who come for information will stay and become clients. By building trust and establishing your law firm clients as an authority, you can use the power of legal content writing to help them grow their practices.

An information-based inbound marketing strategy helps increase your clients’ authority and legitimacy.

Lara S is a freelance writer available on WriterAccess, a marketplace where clients and expert writers connect for assignments.

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