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Whether you need blog posts, white papers, direct mail or something else, Lara S. can provide the quality content you want. She is a writer who values relationships, and works with the same clients again and again. Contact her for solo orders for a consistent and compelling voice for your brand.

Lara began working as a copywriter in the late 90s, writing direct mail pieces, catalogs and newsletters. She has since edited a niche magazine, written for hundreds of specialty websites in areas that include finance, insurance, credit and nutrition and created content marketing materials for clients in a wide range of industries.
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Lara's areas of knowledge include marketing, credit, personal and business finance, technology, health and wellness, and insurance. She takes pride in taking highly technical subjects and making them engaging and easy to understand. She is a keen researcher and is always eager to learn about new subjects.


Lara enjoys continually learning about social media, health and medicine, personal finance and food policy, and is well-versed in all of those areas. She is an avid traveler, sailor, kayaker, home brewer and canner.


University of South Florida - St. Petersburg

Lara studied journalism at the University of South Florida at their St. Petersburg campus. She concentrated in magazine journalism with a strong emphasis on computer-assisted reporting. This concentration prepared her for this era where social media is often the source of new information.

St. Petersburg College

Lara chose to pursue her basic education in a community college setting. As a non-traditional student, she grew to understand the special challenges facing those who pursue higher education in their 20s. This history has given her insights that are helpful when writing for education customers.


1,058 Projects Completed

Lara was a staff writer at a dating agency for one year, penning hundreds of columns on topics including single parent dating, first date tips, online dating and more. Before that, she wrote a sex and relationship column in a monthly magazine and dozens of articles for the same publication.

If you are looking for a relationship writer who is compassionate and willing to take on topics that range from the fun and whimsical to the sensitive and serious, Lara S. is your girl.


942 Projects Completed

As a health writer, Lara has penned articles, blog entries, infographics, quizzes and ebooks about chronic illness, substance abuse and recovery, surgical procedures, sexual health, medical weight loss and home care for various ailments.

She specializes in taking complex medical jargon and breaking it down into engaging, plain English that average people can understand.


584 Projects Completed

When you work with Lara S., you hire an entertainment writer who is passionate, knowledgeable and fun.

Lara was a staff writer for an entertainment website. While there, she reviewed movies, music and television. She reported on industry news and gossip. She attracted regular readers and wrote some of the highest traffic posts in the history of the site.

Lara has written extensively about movies, music, television, and other areas of pop culture. She is a fan of horror, sci fi, and cable TV drama. She has a great deal of knowledge about classic television and film, which gives depth to her writing about entertainment.

List and "best of" articles are a specialty because of her wide-ranging knowledge, particularly in the areas of geek, sci-fi and genre movies and TV.


462 Projects Completed

Over her years as a freelance content marketing writer, Lara has gained extensive knowledge of online and offline marketing. She has written many how-tos in this area to help others increase their skills in effective marketing.

She is a frequent contributor to the WriterAccess blog, helping businesses learn new ways to market themselves on the web.

She holds an Inbound Marketing certification from the esteemed marketing resource HubSpot.


428 Projects Completed

Lara S. is a finance writer well-versed in consumer credit rights, credit legislation and FTC regulations. She has written about student loans, credit cards, personal finance, frugality, investing, bankruptcy, credit repair and other financial topics.

Lara enjoys breaking complicated financial concepts down into easy to digest bits. She is a strong proponent of spreading financial literacy, and she is proud to help people improve their financial lives by increasing their understanding of how money works.

Real Estate

411 Projects Completed

Lara has written dozens of articles and blog posts for real estate agents. She is the author of an ebook guide for those wishing to invest in commercial real estate.


284 Projects Completed

Lara has written about many areas of the insurance industry, including health insurance, car insurance, homeowners insurance, life insurance and commercial insurance.

She has closely studied the changes in healthcare law brought on by the Affordable Care Act and can write knowledgeably about Obamacare.

She has developed web copy, articles and blog posts for a number of insurers and insurance brokers to help educate consumers about their options.


252 Projects Completed

Lara has written ebooks, blog posts, articles, white papers and infographics for and about business. The topics she has covered include marketing, your business and social media, managing business finances, business insurance, inventory, business continuity and a number of other topics.


164 Projects Completed

Lara has written about exercise and fitness for a number of clients. Her specialties include helping readers manage to fit in fitness when lifestyle constraints ranging from travel to small children to underlying health issues prove challenging.

She is well-versed in health and nutrition and can give readers a wealth of well-balanced information.


151 Projects Completed

Lara has written about many areas of law including divorce law, personal injury, criminal law, DUI and other legal subjects.

Her experience includes crafting blog entries, news briefs and articles to educate people about their rights and options.


146 Projects Completed

As the mother of a vegetarian and the spouse of a Crohn's sufferer, Lara S. has gained experience crafting nutritious meals for those on restricted diets.

She believes that food should be as pleasurable as it is nourishing. In keeping with that philosophy, Lara writes with a focus on fresh, flavorful foods that are enjoyable to eat.

She is passionate about continuing to expand her education. In 2013, she completed the Human Health - Diet and Nutrition Certification from ALISON.


124 Projects Completed

Travel is one of Lara's passions. She has visited most American states and several Caribbean countries.

She has an eye for travel deals and can help your readers find the best in discount travel.

Her articles about travel have appeared on dozens of websites. Hire this travel writer for list of must-see attractions, tips for getting travel deals and advice on the best way to get there.


108 Projects Completed

Lara has been an avid home-cook for decades. She is well-versed in many cuisines from around the world, and enjoys writing about cooking. She has written many pieces on cooking with calorie restrictions, cooking for just one or two people, and cooking for romantic meals.


95 Projects Completed

For one year, Lara was on the staff of an entertainment website that covered new music and emerging stars. She has interviewed dozens of new artists about their craft.

As a child, Lara studied the violin. This led to a lifelong love of music in all sorts of genres from classical to jazz to punk rock to hip hop and EDM.

She has a love of learning and is always eager to share new musical discoveries with fellow fans.

She has written on music and music-related topics that include reviews, concert promotion, sales of musical instruments and many other areas.

Recent projects include musician bios, blog posts for hip hop artists and articles on promotion as an independent artist.

Search Marketing

92 Projects Completed

Lara S. has written extensively about SEO and SEM. She has also run pay-per-click search marketing campaigns for her own businesses.

Lara is skilled at creating persuasive ad text, crafting high-conversion landing pages and targeting ad campaigns. She keeps informed regarding changes in best practices for both SEO and SEM.


89 Projects Completed

Lara enjoys taking complex technical topics and breaking them down into easy to understand bites for your readers.

She is well-versed in a number of areas of the electronics market including laptops, cell phones, Android devices and others.

Non Profit

82 Projects Completed

Lara S. has written blog posts, press releases, ebooks and giving guides for a number of non-profits. For a little over a year, she covered celebrity charity stories for an entertainment website; during that time she frequently worked with entertainers and non-profits to tell their unique stories and spur giving and participation.

High Tech

70 Projects Completed

Lara has written dozens of articles about high tech topics that include network security, cloud computing, mobile technology and more.

She started her career in the marketing department of an IT education firm. She helped distribute the company's informative reports and market monthly conferences.

CBD Products

58 Projects Completed

Lara as written extensively about potential therapeutic benefits of CBD, as well as the laws that govern hemp cultivation and CBD production and sales in each state.

Green Living

55 Projects Completed

Lara is a member of the Education Subcommittee in her city's Stormwater Advisory Committee. In this role, Lara helps educate the public about ways to keep coastal waterways and groundwater clean.

She has written about green practices for both businesses and the home. Her work has appeared in Eating Well Magazine, AOL's Green Daily and a number of other publications. She is familiar with the latest green technologies and best practices.

She also adheres to green practices in her home, including purchasing foods from a local co-op, recycling, driving a fuel-efficient vehicle and choosing durable goods over disposables when possible.


47 Projects Completed

Lara has written a number of articles on cosmetics, skin care and other beauty topics. She is well-versed in current cosmetic trends, natural and organic beauty products and high end luxury brands.


36 Projects Completed

Lara has written a number of humorous articles for sites that include MadeMan, ScreenJunkies and others.


26 Projects Completed

Lara has written for a number of high end brands. While her personal look tends toward classics and vintage-inspired gear, she stays abreast of current trends.


21 Projects Completed

Politics and current events are both personal and and professional passions for Lara. Her work has appeared in The New Standard and Clamor Magazine. She most often covered civil rights and civil liberties issues.

At USF, she received the journalism department's Excellence in Reporting award for her article on the establishment of the school's first LGBT advocacy group. She is an active member of her city's Stormwater Advisory Committee.


12 Projects Completed

Lara has written extensively about the growth of casual and mobile gaming. In her role as a staff writer at an entertainment site, she devised a number of drinking games that were shared extensively on social networks and garnered tens of thousands of hits for the site.

Blog Post

3,835 Projects Completed

Lara has written hundreds of blog posts for companies large and small in the following fields: dating and relationships, medical procedures, general health and wellness, legal topics, personal finance, marketing, SEO, business management and many others.

She is a keen researcher and skilled at making your complex subject accessible to the average reader.

Web Page

713 Projects Completed

Lara S. has created engaging web page content for companies in a wide range of industries. Her experience includes landing pages with strong and persuasive calls to action, About Us pages that eloquently convey the values and mission of a business and service pages that describe businesses' offerings.


703 Projects Completed

Lara has written informative articles on a number of topics. She enjoys research, and can craft enjoyable articles on any number of subjects. Past projects include everything from surgical procedures to the history of air conditioning.

Direct Mail

305 Projects Completed

Even in the internet age, direct mail remains a powerful tool for reaching new and existing customers. Lara got her start in copywriting creating direct mail pieces and continues to create them for customers seeking high conversions. Lara writes powerful sales letters, brochures and catalogs that persuade people to buy. She is experienced and skilled in both B2B and B2C direct mail marketing.

Newsletter Content

46 Projects Completed

Lara wrote, edited and designed a monthly marketing newsletter for over three years. Additionally, she publishes a sporadic email newsletter that curates the best tips on social marketing published in the prior week.

She creates newsletter articles for customers in industries that include technology, real estate and insurance.


38 Projects Completed

Lara has ghost-written books on subjects that include music, marketing, credit repair, personal finance and real estate investment. Her relationship anecdotes and advice have appeared in a series of self-help books.

She is a contributor to an ebook that provides tips to new freelance writers and other professionals who work from home.

Lara's research and organizational skills make her a strong candidate for your next book project.

White Paper

36 Projects Completed

As a longtime content marketer, Lara recognizes the need for more sophisticated B2B content offerings. The average B2B buyer reads between seven and 10 pieces of content before making a purchasing decision. When you offer high quality white papers, the content that helps them decide can be yours.

Lara has written white papers for industries that include real estate, food service, energy, music, education and others.

She takes pride in an ability to break complex topics down into engaging and easy-to-read bites.

She is a strong researcher who has familiarity with a wide range of topics. Contact her today to discuss your white paper.

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