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Getting Customers to Gobble Up Your Content Like It’s Thanksgiving

gobbleHalloween candy cavities are just sinking in, but you’ve been planning your Black Friday store massacre for weeks now. What does that mean? You guessed it, Turkey Day is gobbling at your heels. You are blowing out those cob-webbed online marketing approaches and searching for a clever way to spin your sales. What better way to get in front of those before, during and after Thanksgiving Day sales than with content that sings. When writing for marketing this season, go full force with a Thanksgiving worthy approach.

Keep with Traditions

If you show up for Thanksgiving, only to find an assortment of fast food bags filled with burgers, burritos, and bagels, that’s Thanks-ageddon. However, if you find a turducken, tofurkey or a heavenly blessed turkey breast front and center, then it’s all giblet gravy. No tears as traditions are intact. The same goes for content. You want to keep your traditional voice when writing holiday themed content. Sure, you want to toss in a few holiday related ideas or sales-centric keywords. At the core of your content, however, you must maintain your business’s voice and style. You also want to keep with the same type of information, so as to not distract your readership.

Skip the Holiday

Another scenario, your family and friends show up with wine bottles and flower boutiques for you the dear holiday host. All they find is a locked front door, a note saying you hit up the Black Friday sales early, and a forlorn harvest wreath wrecked on the ground. You officially have ghosted Thanksgiving, leaving your would-be guests high and dry, that is until they pop that cork of that wine you would have served at your would-have-been Thanksgiving dinner.

Here’s the deal. Everyone knows it’s the holiday season, and staff are apt to taking off more often than usual. You might even close up shop for Thanksgiving Day if you have any gumption and grace for this American holiday. That doesn’t mean your online content needs to dry up worse than a Griswold’s turkey. Plan ahead and coordinate your content so you can keep the web wheels rolling, 24/7 and on holidays.

Consider the Audience

Not every culture, country or continent celebrates Thanksgiving Day, Black Friday or Christmas. So why do you assume that all of your readers are your mini-me’s? Take a good look at your target customer, the countries where you have online readers, and the type of product or service you are promoting. Use this information to narrow down your content. While countries outside of the US didn’t have pilgrims or Native Americans, you’d be amazed at the number of cultures with harvest or thanksgiving holidays. There’s Tet Trung Thu in Vietnam, the August Moon Festival in China, Pongal in India, Succoth in Judaism, Kwanzaa in Africa and Chusok in Korea. The web has created a globalized economy, so keep this in mind when creating gobble-worthy content.

miranda bMiranda B has been the boss of Thanksgiving Day dinner since she hosted her first holiday as a college freshman more than a decade ago. The traditions continue even with her NaNoWriMo plans and packed content writing schedule.


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