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From the Forums: Frosting on the Freelancer’s Cake

Happy Birthday!
Happy birthday to Anne G’s daughter!

We’re proud to foster a community at WriterAccess where our writers love what they do—not only when they’re writing, but during their personal time. Not every job offers the opportunity to set your own hours, work from the beach on a nice day, or spend valuable time with loved ones. With the flexibility of freelancing, you get the rest and satisfaction you deserve after all your work, and that small but meaningful reward helps you produce better work!  What’s not to love about that?

Here’s one experience with the benefits of freelance writing from Anne G, a parenting, food, and home decor writer from Maryland:

I took up freelance writing full time back in mid-March when my then-current job went into mandatory double overtime. For someone who’s single and 20-something, double overtime might be a Godsend, not so much for a mother of two in her 40s. I made the decision to trade in my work gloves for a full-time position at my home computer and I haven’t looked back. It’s more than possible to earn a living writing for WriterAccess, and the best part is that you can set your own hours. Today is my daughter’s 8th birthday. WriterAccess made it possible for me to spend my morning baking a cake and wrapping presents, and I didn’t have to clear it with anyone but myself.

And check out the details on that cake!  What a lucky kid.

Stories like Anne’s get us all glowy and gooey—and above all, excited to be a part of a work force that helps writers spend time with their families (and baking supplies).  You can check out more from the freelancing front in our forums.

What’s your favorite benefit of being a freelance writer?

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