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Anne G
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Anne G. is working toward obtaining her bachelor's degree in Early Childhood Education. She has over a decade of published work to her credit, including bylines in The San Francisco Chronicle, Modern Mom, The Bump, Global Post and Livestrong. While her concentration is in education and parenting, Anne has experience writing across a variety of platforms, including business, social media, press releases, marketing, gardening, religion, crafting, product descriptions and fashion.

She has a long line of satisfied clients to her credit and endorsements in fashion, home living, business, marketing, consumer goods, office, presentation, press releases and blogging.

Anne is a voracious researcher who finds personal satisfaction in uncovering new knowledge and methodology.

Prior to her life as a full-time freelance writer, Anne spent over ten years in management with a global toy retailer for whom she traveled extensively. She's written hundreds of articles pertaining to workplace management, technology in the workplace, and manager-to-employee communication.

Before Anne entered the management field, she worked a variety of jobs that ran the gamut from creative to industrial: disc jockey for a country music station, fraud specialist in a credit card service center, and retention specialist/job coach for a major MD non-profit agency, earning her a wide vocational knowledge base. Through it all, however, Anne has remained a writer. From high school on, journalism was her career of choice. The minor bumps along the way have only served to expand her repertoire of writable topics.
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