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Drink Raw Eggs If You Want To

Introducing…The Challenger!

Young Rocky woke before sunrise to open the fridge and drink the breakfast of champions. Such was the beginning of his rigorous daily workout; his sole mission to conquer the senior boxer, Apollo. Rocky was obsessed with winning, and in their second fight, he did.

Stay Strong – Live Long

If you never put on your sweatbands and continue to write off young whippersnappers, you might wake up one day with your laurels wrapped around your neck. Dominating a niche brings home the bacon, but what happens if your specialty becomes challenged?

Step Outside Your Comfort Zone

Professional writers, like married couples, get comfortable and apathetic, and stop trying new things. The opposite sex will remain a mystery, but her shopping habits could make for compelling material. Literate men should read women’s fashion and write an observation, and women should explore men’s hobbies to write an objective review. Plus, I’m a parent, and although I don’t write about it, sharing tips on being a hands-on dad and discussing new habits of an eight-year-old could open new doors, if I’m as good as I say.

Be Not Afraid

Being a technical writer does not have to be stressful. Tediously crafting software manuals, legal announcements, and design specifications may sound intimidating, but don’t sell yourself short; writing complicated documentation can earn you great respect, and your next job. While there’s nothing fun about proofreading and editing, grinding through details for hours at a time might help break through that writing block.

Don’t Be Yourself

A lot of people are seeking ghostwriting services, and standing in someone else’s shoes to develop their story could be a great investment. Writing for a comedian is not always fun, but the gratification of creating the perfect zinger is more than poetic to a silent, inner child. If you are bilingual or multiethnic, utilizing your hidden talents could be the key to newfound success.

Globally Seeking Freelance Writers

To harvest online traffic, rising industries such as healthcare pharmaceuticals will continue to require well-placed words through solid SEO copywriting skill. Search the content marketplace, read the headlines, note the trends and get on board, because Elvis has left the building. To the seasoned veteran, the notion of blog writing services and twittering might seem absurd, but sharing personal experience and revealing emotion does attract eyeballs and generate revenue. Journalism, news reporting and business writing might describe an entry-level position you’d rather just forget about; but we’re all looking to identify with a breaking news story, and it could be the beginning of your next great article.

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