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Don’t Hire a Blogger to Do a Grant Writer’s Job!

Caiaimage/Tom Merton/ Getty Images
Caiaimage/Tom Merton/ Getty Images

When you are looking to hire a writer, you likely check out the profile or resume to find out how much experience he or she has with writing in general, as well as with your particular topic. However, do you think to check into your writer’s experience with different asset types? It could be that you need to narrow your search to grant writers for hire instead of searching among hundreds of writers who do not have the background you require.

What is a Blogger Anyway?

One common specialty that many writers offer is blogging. Blogging is a less-formal type of writing. A good blogger may be an excellent choice to help you craft a casual article, but he or she might not know the ins and outs of grant writing, press releases or white papers. This isn’t always the case, but it is worthwhile to check with the blogger and find out if he or she has experience with these more formal content types before you make the hire.

Can a PR Specialist Do Humor?

On the other hand, those writers who specialize in formal content may not be the right choice for your humorous, lighthearted article that you are hoping will pick up steam and go viral. It takes a special kind of writer to evoke laughter and other feeling from readers. While technical expertise goes a long way, it does not make you laugh!

In many cases it is a matter of personality—take the time to get to know your writer candidates and discover the one that makes you laugh (or cry, whatever the case may be). In many cases, if you are searching for emotional content, it makes sense to work with a great writer and then help him or her learn more about your particular topic rather than choosing a topical expert and expecting the writer to learn how to convey feeling in the content.

The key to choosing the right writer is to look at the big picture. Check out samples, of course, but do not just rely on these. Ask questions and talk to the writer in question to find out what he or she is comfortable doing. This is, by far, the best way to determine the capabilities of the individual. By taking some time to learn more about your writer, you are more likely to get the results you desire—be it technical expertise or laughs and viral appeal.

Writer Bio: Tracy S is a freelance writer available for projects at WriterAccess.

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