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In a career spanning more than 15 years, Scott C has experience writing for a variety of mediums. He started in sports writing, which is still his favorite type of writing, and then moved on to hard news and feature writing while working for a community newspaper. He also has experience in technical and automotive topics and has an ability to take complex subjects and write them in a way that is understandable and engaging. Scott C also has professional experience in the cleaning, HVAC and emergency preparedness fields. Most recently, Scott has gained skills in home improvement, construction, outdoors, renovation and restoration, as well as packaging. He also enjoys writing about the entertainment industry as well as health and fitness topics.
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Scott C has experience in a variety of topics including automotive, manufacturing, sports, film, music, government, home construction, disaster restoration, packaging, home improvement, lawn care and landscaping, commercial cleaning, floor care, health and fitness, construction and home renovations.


In his free time, Scott C is usually spending time with family and friends, reading books, listening to music and watching movies. He also spends a good chunk of his spare time watching and playing sports, notably ice hockey, baseball and golf.


Michigan State University

Served as editor of the school's student-run newspaper.

Michigan State University

Coursework included content management, brand development, crisis communications, data analytics and more.

Home Living

1,079 Projects Completed

Scott C has solidified himself as a go-to resource on home improvement, home construction, home renovation and disaster restoration topics. He can write authoritatively on everything from drying out a water damaged basement to when to replace a home's gutters.


1,010 Projects Completed

Scott C has worked for an automotive magazine for the past two years, where he has written a variety of automotive stories on everything from best-in-class engineering strategies to car reviews.


901 Projects Completed

Scott C formerly served as Asst. Sports Editor at a newspaper and has written about sports for various mediums since. He's written about ice hockey (both professionally and college), basketball, baseball, football. His experience includes writing in-depth features on athletes, game recaps and stat boxes.


697 Projects Completed

Scott C formerly worked for a manufacturing magazine, which covered processes ranging from 3D printing to stamping to plastic injection molding to machining. He's toured manufacturing plants in the automotive industry and seen much of this technology first-hand.


652 Projects Completed

Scott C edited a magazine focused on disaster restoration - and the construction re-build that often followed fire, water and mold damage. He's also been on many construction job sites during his tenure with the publication, helping familiarize himself not only with the tools and practices involved in the trade, but with the safety equipment that should be worn as well.


251 Projects Completed

Scott C has written about movie production and music. When working for a newspaper, he covered a film being shot at an area fair and has covered a punk rock band's rise from the underground scene to a record deal and big name tour. In his free time, he's always watching movies or has his nose in a book or magazine related to the entertainment industry.


154 Projects Completed

As an outdoors enthusiast, Scott C has experience writing about everything from fishing to hiking to off-roading.


144 Projects Completed

Well-versed and experienced in writing about different types of tools and the roles they serve in construction, restoration, renovation, home improvement, etc.


131 Projects Completed

Scott C has written about various health topics for pets, including information about dog food products, the pros and cons of shock collars on dogs, and what to do if your dog keeps going to the bathroom inside the house.


67 Projects Completed

Scott C became interested in taxes and tax law for personal reasons. He's taken this information gleaned and turned it into opportunity, helping clients provide engaging - yet informative - content for their readers. Scott has covered tax topics from home business grants to tips on how to prevent being audited by the IRS.


63 Projects Completed

Scott C used to write for a newspaper, where among the things he wrote on was local music. For example, he covered a local band's rise from the underground rock scene to a mainstream record deal.

Green Products

60 Projects Completed

Scott C has written about sustainability and eco-friendly products for a magazine he used to write for. He's covered everything from new eco-friendly automobile engines to airplanes to bicycles and paper cups.


57 Projects Completed

Scott C used to write about computer software for a magazine. This software included computer-aided design (CAD), computer-aided manufacturing (CAM) and other design and engineering software.


33 Projects Completed

Scott has a range of garden, lawn care and outdoor writing experience in everything from treating property for insects to sprinkler repair to best tips for a healthy, lush lawn.

Blog Post

3,345 Projects Completed

Scott C has blogging experience on the sites of both newspapers and magazines, ranging from topics such as ice hockey and basketball to green products and sustainable engineering.


2,200 Projects Completed

Scott C has six years of experience writing for newspapers. He began his journalism career writing for his college newspaper, and worked for two professional publications. He has experience in AP Style, hard news reporting, community news reporting and interviewing and accurately quoting subjects.

Case Studies

110 Projects Completed

Expert in telling the story of how a business went above and beyond helping a consumer with a particular task.


64 Projects Completed

With experience in both broadcast and television script writing, Scott C is capable of writing a cohesive script to help companies connect with consumers over these two mediums.

Press Release

31 Projects Completed

Scott C has crafted many press releases to help companies amplify the coverage of new products, personnel appointments and more.

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