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Top 8 Most Popular and Resourceful Content Planning Tools

Internet content is much more than picking a subject and writing about it, especially if you aim to produce quality content at scale. Creating large amounts of valuable content requires planning to identify keywords, ensure it engages audiences, and properly presents your brand.

Your content serves many purposes that must be pulled together into a final product, making your planning essential.

Content planning tools are abundant, but knowing which to use can be tricky. With many purposes for one piece of content, more than one planning tool is often necessary. Here are eight we think are essential to producing optimal results.

Most likely, you don’t have just one piece of content in the works but several. Project management is a must for dispersing work, tracking its progress, and ensuring the process is followed through to its completion.

The Monday platform does all of this by allowing for project management customization that fits your organization. Monday integrates with platforms like Microsoft Teams and Adobe Creative Cloud.

There are more than 50 integrations available and more than 100 automation recipes. It can be a lifesaver for those with a large variety and amount of projects to tackle.


Your content needs to be the best, and the best means quality content that is optimized for search engines. Enter SEO. After all, it’s tough for your audience to engage unless they can find your content in the first place.

Clearscope provides the intelligence needed to deliver optimal keywords and related terms for your targeted topic. It also provides the top-ranking sites for your chosen topic, along with a grading system to ensure your content meets the mark.

It’s as simple as cutting and pasting your content into the tool’s field, and then adjusting as needed to make it relevant to what people are searching for online.

content planning tools

Surfer SEO

Before a project is even started, go into it with a plan to ensure it ranks with content ideas based on your main keyword. Do you have a broad keyword that needs content behind it that ranks on Google? Surfer SEO can take it and generate hundreds of topic ideas to build around. 

With a content plan that can help you plan for weeks or months ahead, Surfer SEO can also track the progress of content creation. Watch your site dominate your niche with the use of this fantastic tool. 


Content is never restricted to articles and websites. Any brand creating quality content at scale is managing multiple pages and marketing sources, including emails and social media. With CoSchedule, you and your team can schedule and share your marketing needs and timelines. Content bottlenecks are no longer a thing. 

Not only does CoSchedule provide a marketing calendar but an entire suite of marketing tools. One example is their headline studio for creating actionable and eye-catching headlines. CoSchedule also provides access to training through their Actionable Marketing Institute. 


Having a social media presence across multiple platforms is essential, but managing it all isn’t easy. It’s not uncommon to post on one profile and forget another. With everything you have going on, entire days of posting might be missed. 

Why not have every profile accessible in one tool? Hootsuite does just that. Manage all of your social media channels in one place. Scheduling posts ensures they are consistent and never forgotten, while receiving messages from your profiles in one place guarantees potential clients and customers are responded to promptly.

You can also track the performance of your social media profiles in one place and create reports that measure what works and what doesn’t. Your brand and bottom line are elevated using Hootsuite. 


Is there a specialty aspect of your marketing that needs some help? You will find a solution on AppSumo. Whether you want to engage with games, create animated videos, or sell products online, AppSumo will have an App for sale that matches your needs. Better yet, apps are steeply discounted from their regular prices. 


Cross-organizational communication and planning are a breeze with Slack. With Slack installed on your desktop and cell phone, conversations are easily grouped and handled. Slack isn’t text messaging; it’s business messaging at its finest.

Email is limited and can cost you time when messages are missed and unanswered for long periods. Using Slack, you’re communicating to whole teams, select individuals, or even just one co-worker in real-time. Add in the ability to share files and automate workflows, and Slack is a must for organizations that want to save their most valuable resource – time.  

All Stock Images Sites

Too many of us prepare the written content and then try to find images and videos that fit. Graphics matter as much as the words on the page. Sometimes selecting the image first, and then sharing it, helps others see your vision and produce the content that matches. 

Visual engagement doesn’t just serve you online, but it also helps when it comes to coordinating with teams and visualizing what you want to create. 

Use Them All 

When you’re going for quality content at scale, you also want to go for tools that can increase your efficiency and speed. These eight tools are essential for organizations that want optimized content with a vision behind it. Taken together, they can significantly increase your content quantity without sacrificing quality, all the while fine-tuning your workflow.

You’ll likewise find a suite of content tools built right into the WriterAccess platform, also designed to maximize output while minimizing efforts. Get instant access now with a free platform trial.

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