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How One Person Operations Can Scale Their Businesses With Freelance Writers

How One Person Operations Can Scale Their Businesses With Freelance Writers

Though they have very little to do with one another, making things look larger and more impressive through clever deployment is a trick that mother nature, the Russian Army and small businesses all have in common.

When you’re searching for small business hacks, looking to techniques that already work  and have worked for hundreds of years is a smart way to go.


Intimidating Your Rivals

It’s an ugly truth of a competitive market that sometimes, unscrupulous companies just don’t play fair.

From blatantly stealing product designs to plagiarizing your company’s content footprint, even the smallest business will need energy and focus to occasionally defend their unique sales proposition.

If you’re attempting to keep an eye out for thieves and keep up with your own content calendar solo, it’s a safe bet that at least one of those underhanded companies will slip under the radar.

Just like ocean fish clustering together to scare off predators, when you outsource content creation, you’re fighting back by looking like you’re bigger – someone that “they” shouldn’t mess with!

Handing off content creation also helps you defend your market share and grow without worrying that you’ll look like the thief.


Reach Larger Audiences

If you want to be noteworthy and gather coveted “buzz” in your intended audience, you’re going to need something worth talking about.

Content marketing for your small business is a real uphill battle without skilled assistance – what should be a mighty army of articles, white papers and blog posts might look more like an anemic regiment of content.

Take a cue from the history of the Russian Army and use an unusual tactic to bolster your ranks: inflatable weapons.

These realistic inflatable tanks, planes and guns were enough to fool onlookers from a distance, and it’s easy for you to harness this tactic in your content.

Hype the subjects of upcoming articles – even if they haven’t been written yet – to drum up interest as your content creators are making them.

That way, you’ll get extra interest mileage and build curiosity before they even hit your site – and readers might even linger on previous articles while they wait.


Yes, It Will Work For You

Think you’re too small to outsource content creation? Here’s the good news: you’re not!

Content marketing for small businesses is an excellent move whether you have one store or ten, a dozen skus or hundreds, because it’s scalable to both need and budget.

While most small business tips tend to favor companies that have already “made it” in their respective markets, content is useful from your initial launch onwards.

Connecting with your customers, informing the world about new innovations, sparking interest in sales, elevating your brand above the competition – these are all missions that content handles without breaking a sweat.

You don’t need to order dozens of articles to get the most out of your content, either: start with an article about one of your brand’s popular facets, publish the results, and watch the magic happen while you wait!


Delany M is a WriterAccess freelancer who is passionate about assisting small business owners in succeeding through the power of content marketing.

See how she and many of our other highly vetted, U.S. based marketing writers can propel your business forward through powerful content.

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