How A WriterAccess White Label Content Solution Can Improve Your Content Marketing Workflow

white label content solution

When developing your content marketing workflow, you may soon realize that the demands may be more than you had anticipated. Outsourcing may be the best solution for creating your content and getting the results you desire.

WriterAccess makes content management for agencies easier than ever through their White Label Content Solution. Here’s why:

Dedicated Writers

Outsourcing content creation is one of the best ways to employ different types of communication with your audience and adhere to a schedule that will work for you. Once you have developed a team of writers you are comfortable with, you can send orders directly to your writers without going through the love list posting process.

Dedicated Support

You will have a dedicated account manager to oversee all your activities and provide assistance when needed. Once you have your content marketing plan in place, your account manager will make sure everything runs according to schedule.

Agency Content Tools

There are a number of tools available through a content management agency, but WriterAccess offers a cost-effective, white label content solution that enhances your content and makes things easier. How does this work?

The White Label Approval Portal allows you to:

  • Create and customize portals where clients (if you have them) can review and approve the content generated for them. They will only see their items and will not have access to any other content created under your account.
  • Keep communication between you and the writer.
  • Keep everything under your master account. There is no need for additional login protocols on your end.
  • You control when drafts are submitted to your client.
  • You set timelines for the client to review and provide feedback, but all orders auto-approve after 14 days.
  • Your client will never know you are using a content management agency, as there is no mention of WriterAccess on the portal.

Knowing you have a solution to help you stay organized and take your business to the next level makes a difference in your content marketing strategy.

The White Label Content Solution not only assists when pitching clients, but helps your team plan ahead with confidence. Take your content creation to the next level using WriterAccess today!

Allaire W is a freelance writer for WriterAccess, specializing in business, academic, legal, literary, entertainment, social media and niche marketing content.

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