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Content Marketing Has Its Own Superpowers … Without the Cape or Spandex

Every great superhero uses special powers to fight crime, seek justice, and save the day. Honing these special powers and abilities allows these caped crusaders to reach and influence countless millions of fans who marvel at their amazing exploits.

Content marketing gives business leaders their own superpowers. Using these amazing
gifts, leaders can lift their organizations to new heights.

Kevin W. is a 5 Star-Writer at WriterAccess
Kevin W. is a 5 Star-Writer at WriterAccess

How, exactly, does content marketing give one superpowers? As a lifelong fan of super heroes who still has far too many comic books, let me show you, with a little help from some of my favorite mighty heroes.

1. Providing Clues

Batman often works in the shadows, using his exceptional detective skills. He studies evidence and uses it to parse out information about wrongdoers in Gotham City. Similarly, content marketing provides incredible insights about customers and potential customers. By driving users to websites, content marketing allows deeper analytics that provide valuable information about visitors. This information goes deeper than basic demographic information. By understanding what your customers are reading, what pages they’re visiting, and what they buy after reading pieces, you can fine-tune marketing strategies, product development, and internal processes to respond.

2. Speeding Up Delivery

The Flash is known as the “fastest man alive” able to run around the globe in mere seconds. Today, content marketing used in social media can transmit your important messages across the Internet in seconds, extending your reach globally. Your brand’s reach is as vast as the internet. A cohesive content marketing plan that includes blog posts, articles, and social media effectively lets you spread your key messages to all corners of the globe in the blink of an eye.

3. Powerful Creativity

The Green Lantern uses his imagination to create complex solutions he faces. Content marketing lets you tap into not just your imagination but that of talented editors and writers who will help bring these ideas to light … green or otherwise. By using external writers, your organization will bring fresh perspectives to your business needs and insights
that let your products, services, or brand shine bright.

Andrew Rich/Getty Images
Andrew Rich/Getty Images

4. Bigger Reach

Colossal Boy is an alien hero who can grow to a massive size at the drop of a hat. Content marketing lets you experience dramatic growth, too. It drives inbound traffic to your website by offering targeted prospects with relevant information, a viable solution to a problem, or entertainment. With increased traffic comes more leads, more sales, and more profit.

5. Smarter Customers

Brainiac 5 is a complex android known as one of the smartest beings in the galaxy. His teammates in the Legion of Super-Heroes often turn to him for information and problem-solving. Content marketing establishes you as a thought leader in your industry. By providing customers with interesting insights, relevant information, forecasting, and thought-provoking considerations, content marketing establishes your expertise and helps your customers become smarter, too.

6. The Power to Attract

Cosmic Boy can generate magnetic fields that can manipulate objects by repelling or attracting. Content marketing acts just like a magnetic field, attracting new viewers, new leads, new customers, and new opportunities for businesses. Whether it’s entertainment, information, or content of interest, content marketing creates a powerful find that pulls in new leads.

7. Hearing It All

Superman has many abilities — flight, strength, invulnerability to name a few. One of his lesser known powers is his super hearing. The Man of Steel can listen in on conversations and know what people are talking about miles away. With content marketing, you’ll also be able to listen in. Offering content that allows your customers to interact with you virtually is an extraordinary gift. There are so many ways to hear these insights. For one, comments in social media, whether tweets or Facebook posts, allow direct communication. Offering comments on blog posts and web pages lets customers join in the discussion. Content marketing lets you listen to what your customers are saying and be hyper-responsive to their questions or needs.

8. Let It Be Public

While most superheroes keep their alter ego a secret, that’s not always the case. Iron Man is known the world over as billionaire genius Tony Stark, He wants everyone to know about his exploits, triumphs, and amazing abilities. So do you. Your organization has an incredible story to tell and you want as many people as possible to know. Content marketing is an effective way to tell the story of your organization.

8. Teamwork Matters

My all-time favorite comic book is the Justice League of America. It takes the greatest heroes — Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, Flash, Green Lantern and others — and as a unit becomes a powerful, unstoppable force. Content marketing is not about one style or topic, it’s about a team effort.

Effective content marketing integrates social media, blog posts, email newsletters, case studies and white papers into existing marketing efforts. Content marketing lets you leverage these tools to reach, influence, compel, keep, and influence customers.

WriterAccess is your very own own Justice League. With writers from varied professional of backgrounds and strengths, WriterAccess helps your business to soar to new heights by giving you your own set of superpowers.

5 Star-Writer Kevin W has been a published writer since he was 15. With more than 30 years of experience as a writer, editor, reporter, he has written for a range of media.

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