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A Galaxy Far, Far Away: 4 Tips for Reaching the Millennial Crowd


The Millennial generation (or those who were born after 1981 and came of age in the start of new millennium) is becoming an important part of the consumer make up. Brands who plan to reach this audience need to understand what attracts a generation that has been steeped in technology and social media from a very young age.

Knowing the Tools of the Trade


It only makes sense that marketing to Millennials should be done utilizing the newest tools and latest technologies. Remember, the Millennial generation has been exposed to technology since the beginning — they hardly remember a time without a regular selection of TV programs, internet searches, and writing assignments in Word. In fact, many Millennials got cell phones sometime in their teen years and haven’t slowed down since.

According to PEW Research Internet Project, 98% of adults ages 18-29 have a cell phone and 83% have a smartphone.

This means businesses need to be aware of the modern apps, responsive designs, and specific methods Millennials are attracted by. It is important to note that, when Millennials look at colleges, for example, 71% go directly to the university website to get a feel for the school, according to OmniUpdate. And, of those same students, 93% of them said they check their email at least once a week.

Becoming the Industry Authority

Many businesses want to be an authority in their given industry, but this is especially important when striving to connect with the Millennial audience. The upcoming generation look for sources they can rely on as credible. They also prefer to read pre-gathered research over doing the research themselves. They want the boiled down points, not the long-winded diatribes. This means businesses need to keep a careful focus on accuracy and efficiency in their writing.

Working with Blog Writing Services

One of the best ways to push away your visitors will be writing self-serving content. If you are pushing your business in a salesy tone to the Millennial, then you will very likely fail. The Millennials are turned off quickly by the spam they have come to loathe and they don’t tend to be a very brand-loyal group. Instead, use a professional writer or blog writing services to present your information accurately, creatively, and with a voice of authoritative knowledge.

Reaching the Individual


It is also important to recognize the individuality of each Millennial making up your target audience. Millennials have been told they are special and technology improvements make individualized marketing a reality.

This means responsive web design should be used to track visitors to create personal email marketing campaigns and suggestions based on previous clicks. If a visitor has read one type of article or looked at a certain line of products, then suggest possibilities they will take interest in and present them with items they previously viewed. This means that contact forms shouldn’t request the same information, but should be smart forms that recognize when an individual’s information has already been collected. The goal is to make your audience member feel like they are the only one your site, email, or blog post was designed for.

Alethea M is a corporate blogging guru and freelance writer for WriterAccess. She loves pulling out interesting facts from article research to impress friends at dinner parties.

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