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Alethea M graduated from the University of Saint Francis in 2009 with a B.A., double-majoring in Communication Arts and Graphic Design and double-focusing in Illustration and Computer Arts. She photographed the Saint Francis football team for a paid work study all four years she spent at the school. Immediately after graduating, she got a job at a non-profit company teaching art to young children and running their art program. She moved on to work as a copywriter and graphic designer for another non-profit company in Indiana as a Marketing Assistant for two years. She now spends her time as a wife, mother, freelance writer, and photographer.

Her love for writing comes from Alethea's deeper love for reading. At a young age, she spent the majority of her time reading, writing and drawing. While her nose was usually in a book, she still managed to play sports, cook, draw and learn to play piano. She has always been a self-taught and motivated learner, leading her to pursue a diverse number of subjects; specifically those with a practical application. Now, a lot of her reading time is spent browsing blogs and doing research for clients. She finds freelance work very fulfilling in expanding her education and learning about new aspects of top industries.

Because of Alethea's interest in a vast array of subject matters, she is motivated to discover and try new things. She has written articles for clients on a vast number of varying industry subjects, such as marketing trends, postsecondary education, industrial products, fashion, home maintenance, real estate, lifestyle, business and much more. Her background in advertising and marketing gives her an angle that clients in nearly every industry appreciate.

Alethea has a true passion for her work and wants to succeed for every client she works with. She will go above and beyond on every job, making her a favorite go-to writer for many returning clients.
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With her background in advertising and marketing, Alethea specializes in promoting businesses and helping develop marketing strategies. She is very familiar with reaching target audiences and knows how to adjust to match a company voice. She likes to write from experience, but is also very skilled at researching unfamiliar subjects.


Even though Alethea works daily as a Freelance writer, she also finds time for many other activities. She loves to learn more about business marketing trends and has attended additional courses to increase her knowledge on the subject. She has had her artwork in the FWMoA and the Society of Illustrators museum in New York, loves to ride horses and parents two young children. She owns and has trained two well-behaved American Pit Bull Terriers. She occasionally works as a freelance photographer, focusing in weddings and portraits.


University of Saint Francis

Alethea spent four years at the University of Saint Francis, completing a double-major and a double-focus in the Visual Art field. She received her B.A. with high honors, graduating with a 3.75 GPA and eight semesters on the Dean's list.


870 Projects Completed

A large part of Alethea's degree dealt with marketing as well as traditional advertising. She recently earned her Inbound Certification through the HubSpot Academy, passing with an impressive 95% on their comprehensive exam. Her marketing advice has been published by many clients who aim to be leaders in the marketing industry. She has written numerous marketing posts for the WriterAccess blog, an e-book on content marketing and several white papers on various marketing topics. She worked for two years as a Marketing Assistant for a local nonprofit organization where she was responsible for writing content, tracking important analytics, presenting marketing strategies and managing the content calendar.


402 Projects Completed

Alethea has worked as a Marketing Assistant within a local nonprofit organization and got her degree in advertising. Her understanding of the business world ranges from Millennial workplace trends to HR recruiting tips. She has written for many clients on a variety of business topics, writing in the first, second, or third person voice that the client requests. She enjoys the business world and reads a variety of business blogs, including Business Insider, Forbes, and Entrepreneur to keep on top of the latest industry trends.


171 Projects Completed

The fashion industry is a quickly changing whirlwind of style and trend. Alethea is talented in researching and discovering the latest direction of designer fads in the world of luxury and glamour. Her understanding of fashion and the industry direction is backed by an in-depth education in art and design.

From chic hair styles to exquisite jewelry to the latest runway lines, Alethea has enjoyed writing many newsflash pieces and industry leading blog articles.


51 Projects Completed

With her degree in Communications Art, Alethea chose a minor in Illustration and a primary focus on Children's Book Illustration. While in college, she volunteered at the Boys and Girls Clubs and then went on to work for them as the Art Director after graduation. She then moved on to work as a Marketing Assistant for another local nonprofit company helping children and families in need.

Alethea is now married and has two kids of her own. She enjoys writing practical, interesting and informative articles that on topics that enrich family life. Alethea has written about products important for families and children, relationship experience, family activities, recipes, housekeeping tips, children's education and much more.

Home Living

39 Projects Completed

Alethea has personal experience on a wide variety of home projects as a homeowner. She has written extensively on DIY home design projects, professional repair services, hostess tips, and much more in the home living industry.

Blog Post

2,480 Projects Completed, Elite Badge Awarded

Businesses use blog posts to attract new viewers to their web site and build trust with content that is relevant to their target audience, interesting and accurate. Alethea is an expert at writing professional blog posts with experience in writing over 1,200 blog posts in a wide variety of industries. Before working as a freelance writer, she wrote blog articles for a nonprofit company, retelling success stories, outlining services and announcing events to increase website traffic.

With a background in marketing and advertising, she is able to match brand voice, appeal to the ideal target audience and research articles that have proven very valuable for her clients. Alethea has gained hundreds of "Exceeds" ratings for her 5- and 6-star work on articles that span a very wide number of industries.

You may see her work on the WriterAccess blog where she is an attributed author with over 80 published articles.


416 Projects Completed, Elite Badge Awarded

Alethea has written a varitey of news articles and newsletter articles for her clients. Her previous job as a Marketing Assistant for a nonprofit company meant she wrote many articles for donor newsletters, donor request letters, staff newsletters and more. Her primary job was to write and edit content that appealed to the target audience of the organization. Now, she applies that same understanding of target audiences and well-researched articles as she works for a variety of clients spanning many industries. She earned her B.A. in advertising and design, gaining additional educational knowledge on marketing along the way. All of this backs up her ability to write excellent articles on nearly any subject.

Product Description

104 Projects Completed

Alethea writes professional, concise and search engine optimized (SEO) product descriptions. Her background in graphic design, advertising and marketing is a great asset in this category.

Newsletter Content

85 Projects Completed

Many articles are specifically designed to reach out to the customer through an email or print newsletter. Alethea is skilled at creating article summaries or full articles to be included in a newsletter. Her work with nonprofit organizations included writing content for numerous newsletter publications that were sent out for the donors, clients and staff.

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