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5 Ways Freelance Health Writers Lend Credibility to a Health Blog

Unless you’ve been off the planet for the last few years, we Americans have become much more health conscience, and there are plenty of places on the Web where we can go to get information on the subject.

If you have a health blog that’s not getting enough traffic, here are five ways that freelance health writers can lend credibility to your health blog.

Expert Health Writers

This is the most obvious, and also the most generic effect that an experienced health writer brings to any writing project, whether they are writing an article for an authoritative website or a niche blog.

Their years of writing on the subject in many instances make them recognizable authors on the topic.

Building Authority

It’s not enough to just have a blog or website that features content on the subject of health. No, in order to grow a blog’s audience it takes authoritative content written by a knowledgeable health writer with years of familiarity on the subject matter in order to begin to grow a readership.

These writers should write articles that are referred to as pillar or evergreen articles. These are the type of articles that help to build the foundation of the blog’s content, and can be referred to as definitive content that stands the test of time.

Specific Health Niches

Deciding to create a blog around a specific niche subject in the health field is another way to take advantage of a freelance health writer. Taking on the services of a freelance health writer specializing on a certain niche topic in the health field–e.g. juicing, yoga, or heart health–is a one of the best ways to have your site stand out from other sites on the Web.

Freelance writers who specialize in specific niches add a lot of credibility to a blog or business site. These writers are able to offer specific insights on the topic they cover that other writers can’t possibly offer to a reader who may be searching for information on the topic they are covering.

Building Relationships

Freelance health writers can take a website or a blog beyond just the usual format of posting content. A knowledgeable health writer can engage an audience by replying to comments posted in response to articles as well.

The freelance health writer helps to establish the blog’s authority further with informed answers to the questions the readers leave on the blog, further establishing their expertise on the subject matter and building trust with the site’s readership.

Beyond the Health Blog

It should be an obvious decision to go beyond the blog to build its authority. An expert freelance health blogger can help do this simply by reaching out across social media platforms.

Establishing a Twitter feed and having quick conversations with followers in 140 characters or less can help forge a bond between the health blogger and their followers by introducing casual, genuine interactions.

Posting videos that accompany blog posts written by the health blogger further establishes the connection between the freelance health writer and their respective audience, connecting the articles with visuals that bring life and specificity to overall content.

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