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5 Reasons Why You Should Include an FAQ

Does My Website Need an FAQYou have seen frequently asked questions (FAQ) pages before, and you probably even refer to them when you are trying to learn about a new company or industry. A good FAQ is useful to the reader…naturally. But did you know that including an FAQ on your page brings you other benefits as well? When you start deciding what pages you need to include within your website, consider these five reasons why an FAQ should be one of your top concerns.

  • An FAQ Saves Time – FAQ stands for frequently asked questions. The questions you are including in this page are ones that you are hearing time and time again. If you include an FAQ, you will most likely have fewer questions from your visitors, fans and customers to sort through—saving you a large amount of time and inbox space in the future.
  • An FAQ Adds Credibility – When a visitor reads your page and sees you have an FAQ page, you instantly gain credibility. You can show your visitors that you are dedicated to them by sharing information you think they need to know.
  • An FAQ Gives Your SEO a Boost – When you are building a webpage, you want new ways to include keywords and boost your SEO (search engine optimization). An FAQ is a great place to fit in lots of industry-specific keywords. Hiring a writer to create SEO content is often a great solution. Then, you are working with a professional who knows how to get you the results you desire.
  • An FAQ Offers Another Contact Form – Sharing your contact information is important. The FAQ is an excellent place to list your email address, social media profiles and other methods of contact. Including this information in multiple places makes it easier for people to find you when they are searching for someone in your industry.
  • An FAQ Is Simple – Of all the pages you create for your website, the FAQ may be the easiest. With a “fill-in-the-blanks” style template, you can easily fill this page with information that will benefit you visitors. An FAQ is a great page to put up while you are still working on the rest of your site. At least your visitors will be able to get answers to some of their questions!

While an FAQ may not be the perfect fit for every site, a great majority will benefit from this addition. Spend some time thinking about the questions your readers may have and set up a page that will answer these questions. A well thought out FAQ is something that will benefit your page both now and as your page grows.

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