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10 Reasons to Outsource Freelance Writing Rather Than Hire Internally

Content marketing is here to stay. A recent MarketingProfs study found that content marketing was a strong part of the overall marketing strategy for 91% of B2B and 86% of B2C marketing professionals. But how do you plan on spreading your brand’s message around? Many companies have been hiring writers internally, but many more have been outsourcing their writing needs. Why has the push for outsourcing become so strong? Here are 10 phenomenal reasons why outsourcing makes your content shine.

10 Reasons to Outsource Freelance Writing Rather Than Hire Internally

1. Lower overall cost

When you hire a writer, are you only considering salary? Training, taxes, benefits, insurance: all these aspects increase your overall cost. With a freelancer, those costs are already paid.

2. Reduced human resources issues

Hiring a new employee always carries risk. Will they work out? Will there be future issues that cost your business money? Outsourcing your writing avoids these issues.

3. Better productivity

Someone working for a regular wage doesn’t have strong initiative to produce more content. A freelancer’s time is their own, so they’ll usually work as efficiently as possible.

4. Different professional expertise

Your business may appeal to a number of customers. Outsourcing means you can use one writer for road construction, another for fossil fuels and a third who can write about the environment.

5. Writing for your audience

It’s very easy to slip into industry jargon and make assumptions about what your audience knows. Outsourced writers know that the audience is one of the most important considerations in their writing tone.

6. Focus on your business

You could write your own content, but running your business is what brought you to where you are today. Outsource your writing and keep the focus where it belongs — on your business.

7. You don’t have time

Your business keeps you busy, and adding a writer can add tasks to your schedule rather than removing them. Freelancers are used to doing their own research, lowering your workload.

8. Increase or decrease output

When your marketing demands increase or decrease around key campaigns, do you want to have to deal with the related issues? With freelancers, you can quickly scale your writing needs.

9. Improve reliability

If your newly-hired in-house writer suddenly needs to spend two weeks out for surgery, where is your writing going to come from? With outsourcing, if one writer isn’t available, another can often be referred to get the work done on time.

10. Fresh perspective

Sometimes a fresh perspective can really change up your marketing game. Outsourcing means you can change between writers much more quickly and without a lot of legal employment issues.

Though there can be a few benefits to hiring an in-house writer, outsourcing can deliver a much wider range of fabulous benefits for your business. By outsourcing your writing, you can ensure that your company is getting the most amazing material for growth. If you need help finding the right writer or writers for your company’s needs, why not reach out to the WriterAccess content team and see what high-quality content can do?

Cathleen V loves writing scintillating content for her clients from the front porch of her family’s farmhouse in southwest Missouri. Her approach to meeting her customer’s needs involves solid research into their business and industry to develop insights into their direction. She’s also an active member of the local arts scene, creating beautiful glass and fiber artwork, and volunteers in a range of emergency response roles in her community.

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