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Cathleen V
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Cathleen V. is a multi-talented writer with extensive knowledge in a wide variety of industries. As a top 1% content writer out of over 22,000 on another site for which she writes and with excellent feedback on WriterAccess, she has a finger on the pulse of what's trending on SEO and the internet today; as a reliable, intelligent, creative writer, she can fulfill your needs now and in the future!

As a green construction contractor with five years' experience, she has the knowledge to make your how-to instructions clear to the everyday DIYer or to sell your products and services to the largest construction businesses worldwide.

Regular mechanical work has given her a strong understanding of automotive, industrial and heavy equipment industries, allowing her to reach your clients using the terminology they understand.

Following the latest trends in digital transformation, Cathleen can help you convey your company's message to reach a wide range of IT clients, from small Main-Street businesses to Fortune-500 megacorps.

With an MS in Plant Science focusing on sustainable agriculture and four years greenhouse management experience, she has the knowledge of not only what gardening techniques are the easiest, but the best for the planet as well.

Over twenty years in small business management and marketing has given her the experience to communicate your business needs in a clear and professional manner while providing you with valuable insights to help you stretch your marketing dollars.

As a small business owner in the arts industry for over twenty years, she can write articles covering the latest in display, social media marketing, trends and art show management.

She and her family live on a small hobby farm in the Missouri Ozarks. Raising Shetland sheep, chickens, horses and geese and tending to their daily well being is everyday life on the farm. She homeschools her daughter, volunteers in her church and community and deploys when needed in extensive disaster relief and search and rescue operations.

She has produced a wide range of content from simple Twitter posts to extensive white papers and ebooks for clients, working with a diverse range of clients worldwide. Familiar with the nuances and differences between British and American English, she can help you craft a message for audiences on either side of the Pond or into Australia and New Zealand.

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