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Jessica is an experienced B2B copywriter, ghostwriter, blogger, and social media strategist. Her work with clients includes blog development, guest posting, online strategy and implementation, and PR/outreach.

Jess' expertise includes the nonprofit industry, higher education, small business, and entrepreneurship. She also writes frequently about consumer research, search engine optimization (SEO), marketing, social media, the mobile industry, home & DIY, real estate, and parenting.

Jess has a master's degree in education from the University of Massachusetts. She's a licensed educator.


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Industry Projects

  • Marketing1,000+
  • Home Living1,000+
  • Kids/Family100+

Summary of Industry Experience


Jess has written over a thousand pieces on business and marketing topics for agencies and private clients. Her expertise includes small business, entrepreneurship, social media strategy, content development and marketing, and search engine optimization. She also writes frequently about consumer research and mobile marketing and advertising.

Home Living

Jess has written and ghostwritten close to a thousand pieces about home living. She writes frequently about construction, design, real estate, home improvement and do-it-yourself topics. Her work has been published on a number of top-tier home living blogs and websites. Jess' passion for the topic carries over into her life outside of writing. She enjoys learning about home improvements and taking on DIY projects in her spare time.


Jess has written and ghostwritten hundreds of blog and guest posts for private clients related to kids/family matters. She is also a mother of two, and has written and managed two parenting blogs of her own since 2012. Her writing in this vertical has been published at a number of top-tier publications and blogs across the web.

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