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Kimberly is currently a School Counselor, by trade. She has worked in the school system for sixteen years, seven of them as a High School Counselor. As a School Counselor, she has written over 200 recommendation letters for students; each letter is individualized for the student's needs for college acceptance or scholarships. Prior to entering Counseling, she taught English at all levels, (Special Education to Advanced,) for students in grades nine through twelve. In a span of nine years, Kim taught basic reading and writing to students with developmental disabilities in Academic Life Skills, Resource English to students performing at three levels below grade skills, English 1-4 in an at-risk, on-grade level classroom, "Regular" English 1-4, and Advanced Placement English 4.

Kim created and manages the content and blog for a website for a screen printing and embroidery company, and she maintains the content for her large high school's Guidance and Counseling website.
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Kim's specialty is writing about career counseling, occupation exploration, and post-secondary educational choices. Since personality affects vocational choices later in life, behavioral and social development in youth is also one of her writing strengths. Kim is excellent at research, and she always puts detail to support statements in her writings. Since Kim works with adolescents on a daily basis, she has observed how strongly motivation affects behavior, and she is able to integrate this insight into her writings.


When Kim is not writing or working as a Counselor, she is spending time with her three kids and spouse, doing activities that interest the family. Whether on the baseball field, or in the band hall, she encourages her family to be well rounded in mind, body and spirit. Kim enjoys camping, reading fiction, playing drums on Rock Band, and she's on a life-long quest to find the Perfect Cheeseburger.


Coastal Carolina University - South Carolina

Coastal Carolina offered a program for secondary education to students intending to teach core courses to high school students. Kim took courses on teaching writing, the Short Story, Chaucer, Poetry and implementing technology in the classroom.

Keene State College - New Hampshire

Keene State's program in English offered various courses of study. Kim's courses included literature of the 1920's, religion, Feminism, Poetics, Linguistics, and Expository writing. Kim took advanced coursework in Macro & Micro Economics for fun.

Texas A&M Commerce

A&M Commerce offers an alternative teacher's certification program in conjunction with Texas' Region X Education Service Center. Region X offers hands-on teaching skills, and A&M offers masters-level coursework on theories and curriculum.

Argosy University - Tampa

Argosy's blended, comprehensive program for working professionals covered human psycho-socio-emotional-physical development to students in various Counseling majors; this allowed graduate-level students to collaborate with peers of diverse interests.


15 Projects Completed

Kim has sixteen years experience working with the Advertising Specialty field. She started in college working at an imprintable sportswear facility, selling t-shirts, polos, towels, hats and bags to screen printers and embroiderers. Shortly after she met her husband, Kim began to help him with production at his contract embroidery business. The business started out with a single head, nine-needle machine, and it quickly grew to have one 12-head, one 6-head, and two single-head machines, with a focus on contract production for large companies. The business has now scaled back to focus on retail production for small business and sport teams. The latest addition to the small business is a screen printing department for in-house production.


5 Projects Completed

Kim writes a blog for a successful screen printing and embroidery shop. The website has an online store, and she writes the product descriptions for each item, and she develops sales pages geared toward specific client organizations.
When she was in college, Kim had an internship with the IT department at an international bank. At that time, she gained a working knowledge of computer maintenance, internetworking terminology, software and hardware installation.


1 Projects Completed

Kim has written over 200 recommendation letters for students over the last eight years. Each letter is a mini advertisement to 'sell' the student to a university, a scholarship organization, or a potential employer. Kim has to evaluate each student's activities, ethical qualities, motivation, and personality, and then synthesize the information into an individualized promotion for that student.

Kim is able to utilize her experience working with multiple students of varying academic functionality skills to write strong, effective pieces concerning educational topics.


5 Projects Completed

Kim creates, writes, and monitors a Google Adwords campaign for a successful screen printing and embroidery company. She writes advertisements and develops specific sales pages for a web store.

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4 Projects Completed

As a research writer, Kim can write informative, interesting blogs for companies and organizations. She has a knack for adjusting her writing tone and style to match the voice of the requesting organization. Kim will take the given topic for the blog, research it, and write an interesting passage that will not only give clicks; it will produce followers.


2 Projects Completed

Kim has developed educational brochures for many different topics, including, (but not limited to,) college research, career exploration, grade-level specific information, special education resources, and scholarship listings. Kim has also designed sales brochures designed for specific organizations and flyers advertising new businesses.

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