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Infected with the writing bug since birth, Bernadette decided to channel this incurable condition through professional freelancing. She has since written web pages, articles, and professional blogs for dozens of companies across the globe. Some of the platforms she is associated with include Upwork, Domainite, and greatcontent.com. Praised by editors for her exceptional writing capabilities, Bernadette has researched and expanded on a wide variety of topics, including cuisine, architecture, real estate, art, design, and more. She is currently an online copywriter.


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Bernadette has composed websites for numerous restaurants across the United States, and is familiar with a wide variety of cuisine. She has written for pizzerias, Mexican grills, marina diners, and vending companies.


Bernadette has collaborated with numerous fashion websites online. She has written quality web content for salons, clothing stores, and jewelry shops.

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