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After graduating from his studies with a degree in Film and a dual major in Screenwriting, Damian moved to Los Angeles to pursue his career as a writer. Since then, he has been working for many online writing sites and working privately on the creation of original entertainment writing. Damian's skills in writing are only getting better with each article he writes or story he creates. He desires for his work to reach as many people as possible and provide them with entertainment and enjoyment.


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Damian has worked in various forms of entertainment with most of his experience in the film and television industry. His passion for creating enjoyment in others served as the basis for his desire to pursue education and experience in the entertainment field. Currently, Damian is a freelance producer and writer for television and movies.


Music has always had a strong influence on Damian's life. He has been playing music and singing since he was in second grade and has since learned how to play many different instruments for various purposes. Over the past few years, he has held the lead role in many different musical theater performances. Damian is also a songwriter who enjoys recording his own music at home.

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