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Summary of Qualifications: 20+ years of administrative assistant experience; 6+ years of project management experience; 25+ years of general writing experience; 10+ years of writing articles; 4+ years of writing blogs and SEO articles


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From simple banking tips to the use of different business strategies, she has successfully completed different types of business articles. Besides writing 30 paid business blogs and articles, she has also written 100s of articles, essays, long reports (similar to eBooks) on different business matters. Other business topics that she wrote included certain aspects of the business plan; funding opportunities; fixed and variable expenses, etc. She also wrote a few papers concerning different legal business structures.


She successfully completed several articles, copywriting assignments, and blogs on marketing for different freelance companies; and while completing her masters degree programs. The writing assignments, articles, and blogs were on various topics relative to marketing, such as SEO, SMO, display advertising, traditional marketing, Internet marketing, content marketing, Internet marketing budget, Google analytics, etc. She also completed marketing writing assignments and articles concerning effective marketing today; the do's and don'ts of marketing; the pros and cons of text advertising; and email marketing issues/aspects.


She worked for various freelance companies and personal clients concerning different types of beauty blogs and articles. The various topics she wrote on included the following: makeup tips, beauty sleep, the connection of sleep and weight gain, household products that can be used for skin care, the benefits of supplements, etc.

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