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Justine H
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Justine was born abroad in Germany to military parents. She grew up mostly in the Mid-Atlantic region of the USA (hence why she refers to submarine sandwiches as hoagies), and has familial ties to the southern part of the country. She says y'all regularly, and enjoys eating at Bojangles' whenever she's near one.

At the age of ten, Justine had her first poem, I Am Nature, published in the Anthology of Poetry by Young Americans: 1995 Edition. It was at this time, from the encouragement of her fourth grade teacher, that Justine began her uncertain and sticky journey into her world of writing.

Justine has a BFA in Digital Design, and an MFA in Creative Writing.

Justine published her first book, Wet Spots & Tear Drops: Poems in late 2011. She also managed to produce Let It Break, a book of four short stories, in early 2012. She writes books under her pen name, Justine Monikue.

Justine currently resides in Delaware, USA.
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Proofreading, intermediate editing, poetry writing, and smoothie making.


Justine enjoys reading Kindle books and online articles. She's also into playing Words With Friends, Mario Kart Wii, and retro games like Ms. Pac-Man.


National University

Justine studied literary themes, advanced poetry, creative fiction, creative nonfiction, the work of Orson Welles, and the pedagogy of creative writing.

American InterContinental University

Justine studied visual communication, marketing design, English composition, psychology, art appreciation, business ethics, multimedia design, illustration, advanced graphic design, web design, typography, corporate identity development, and more.


4 Projects Completed

Justine has self-published six books; two in paperback and Kindle formats, the rest in Kindle format.


1 Projects Completed

Justine is a single parent of two school age children, trying to find a balance between allowing her children the freedom of expressing themselves, whilst keeping a firm hold on their leashes.

Self Help

1 Projects Completed

Justine has been sought out to give advice on various life experiences from a range of different sources. She has also read a few self help books, and applied some of what she has learned to her own lifestyle.


1 Projects Completed

Justine has observed, experienced, and read a lot of text pertaining to human relationships. Living in the human condition exposes one to many scenarios in the ways of romantic, friendly, business, and other types of relationships.


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