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Mark has always excelled at writing, which he believes is the direct result of an intense love for the written word. Aside from school, his first attempt at writing arose from a strong desire to record the experiences of his life in a journal. This is a practice he has continued, throughout his life.

Mark's professional writing career began in 2011, when he stumbled upon an online ad, looking for writers that could create short and simple "how-to" articles. Since that time, he has continued to grow as a writer, seeking out additional writing opportunities as they became available.

Mark is also a musician. He's currently working on a guitar lesson course for beginners. He plays guitar and bass, often composing his own music and learning other instruments, along the way. Mark hopes to release his first album in the coming months.


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Mark has written a number of health-related articles for clients from around the world. Subjects he has written about include exercise, weight-loss, disease, sleep, dental care, nutrition, smoking, back pain, mental health issues, blood pressure, eye care, skin care and cancer.


Mark has written extensively on the subject of nutrition. Much of the subject matter concerned various types of foods (fruits, vegetables, meats, processed foods, GMOs) and their effects on human health.


Mark worked in the automotive field for 6 years, between 1997 and 2003. He worked at two different GM dealerships as a general technician, performing a variety of different repairs, inspections and maintenance services.

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