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David is a law school graduate who embraces the freedom that comes with freelance writing. He particularly enjoys using his legal expertise to deliver compelling content for clients at WriterAccess, but he is comfortable researching and writing on a wide range of topics.

David is also working on finishing his novel that deftly navigates the political and sociological landscapes of the typical American male, shown through the relationship of a father and his son. He hopes to finish the book later this year while continuing to meet and exceed the needs of his clients here at WriterAccess.

For all of your online content and marketing needs, David is ready, willing and able to take solo orders upon request.
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David specializes in writings that pertain to legal and philosophical issues. Particularly, he enjoys matters in philosophy that deal with the subjects of Ethics, Bioethics, and Epistemology. His legal specialties involve property and estates as well as IP related concerns. More recently, David has turned to writing his first novel.


David's interests include all aspects of the writing process, including creative writing, fiction and editing. Academically, David has a keen interest for ethics and philosophy. In his personal life, David enjoys basketball, weightlifting, legal volunteering and the occasional video game.


George Mason University

David achieved a cumulative grade point average of 3.86, which ranked in the top 10% of his graduating class in a field of study (Philosophy) that heavily emphasized writing, critical research and thoughtful analysis.

Benjamin N. Cardozo School of Law

David received the Monrad Paulsen Scholarship that guaranteed full tuition, which is the most prestigious scholarship that the school bestows on incoming students. He graduated in May of 2015.


1,398 Projects Completed

David is a recent law school graduate that uses his legal skills and knowledge to write highly detailed and informative legal articles. He can write on a wide breadth of legal issues, such as property and real estate, criminal law statutes and many more. He looks forward to continuing to learn more and more about the law, as it is truly an ever-changing field of study.


133 Projects Completed

David is an avid electronics enthusiast, given that most of his day is spent on the computer, watching movies, playing video games or listening to music. David's love for all things electronics results in writing that is as passionate as it is informative.


92 Projects Completed

David has been specifically sought out by clients to write reviews for accounting, payroll and HR software solutions. As a result of this work, David was placed on a software experts team that consistently provides well-researched and informative software reviews.


91 Projects Completed

David has written many financial articles that covered a wide range of topics such as investing, general savings advice, student loans and accounting. He has been sought out for recurring content creation by large corporations, including those in the telecommunications industry.


65 Projects Completed

David has an extensive appreciation for all things mobile. In particular, David enjoys writing articles about mobile apps and app development. David has been specifically sought out by clients to write mobile HR software reviews as well as content concerning the benefits of native app development.

When it comes to writing on mobile related issues, David has the experience to write an engaging and illuminating article on the subject at hand.


57 Projects Completed

David is an expert writer on relationship matters for young and single professionals. He writes for several private clients concerning online dating, and he even created a customized online dating template that makes it easy for anyone to build an eye-catching profile.


45 Projects Completed

David has extensive experience in higher education, and most of his writing highlights the benefits of reducing college costs. As a recipient of a full tuition scholarship to attend law school, David has written both objective and subjective articles that highlight the benefit of avoiding exorbitant educational debt.


31 Projects Completed

David has received several personalized orders from clients regarding fitness supplements, protein powders and other essential products for achieving fitness goals.

Since fitness has long been one of his personal hobbies, he is more than capable of writing about any and all fitness related content.


25 Projects Completed

Living in New York City, one of the fashion capitals of the world, David quickly acclimated to dressing the part. He uses his firsthand experience to write informative men's fashion articles, including pieces that help fashion forward men on a budget.


22 Projects Completed

While David loves writing on all things nutrition, he specializes in writing that pertains to bodybuilding nutrition. As such, David writes authoritatively on getting the correct amounts of protein, carbohydrates and fat to enhance muscle gain, and he enjoys writing articles on fitness supplements as well.


12 Projects Completed

Although David lives in New York, NY these days, he does not forget his Mississippi roots. As such, David enjoys writing articles on sustainable agriculture and any other agricultural interest.

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1,618 Projects Completed

David excels at writing blog posts on every subject, and is capable of adjusting his tone in ways that will resonate with the intended target audience. David enjoys helping clients fill their blogs with quality writing that enhances traffic and grows business.

Product Description

47 Projects Completed

David excels at making short product descriptions come to life. One such project had David create descriptions for over 1,000 car mechanic businesses for an Australian business directory. David went the extra mile by researching the subtle differences in spelling (for example, tyres and tires) in order to exceed the client's expectations.


21 Projects Completed

David is passionate about writing, and is currently halfway through his first novel. The story centers around the life of a father and his son, offering a critique of the average man's life in the modern political and sociological landscapes.

Additionally, he helped ghostwrite smaller book titles for clients in the romance genre.

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