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Jeff L has worked in the field of online marketing for more than 10 years. He began his career as a copywriter for a variety of websites through SEOCopywriters.com, and then transitioned to Search Engine Optimization for ShoppersChoice.com. Currently, Heff is the Director of Inbound Marketing for a digital marketing agency with experience in SEO, PPC, content development, content marketing, and social media.


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Industry Projects

  • Appliance10+
  • Auto10+
  • Insurance6
  • Real Estate5
  • Sports3
  • Education3
  • Search Marketing2

Summary of Industry Experience


Jeff spent more than five years as the marketing manager for a major online retailer focusing on indoor and outdoor appliances. From dishwashers to barbecue grills, Jeff can craft compelling content that will help you sell your products online.


Jeff's experience in the automotive field includes writing for GotEngines.com and GotTransmissions.com. He has a thorough understanding of engine operation as well as insurance laws.


Jeff's experience in the insurance industry includes hundreds of articles written for auto insurance companies, as well as articles on health, home, business and life. He has the ability to produce well-researched and compelling insurance articles that will hold your audiences attention while providing them with the information they need.

Real Estate

Jeff spent time as a licensed real estate agent in the state of Iowa and has written several projects for clients all over the country. He has a thorough understanding of real estate principles and practices and can adapt his writing to his clients' style and voice.


Jeff's experience in the field of sports includes blog writing for a mountain biking website as well as print work covering mixed martial arts for QC View Magazine and a variety of sports for LFT Magazine, including an interview with the head basketball coach for Louisiana State University, Trent Johnson.


Jeff has written website content for websites devoted to Masters Programs, Culinary Arts and Overseas Studies. He has the ability to create compelling, informative articles that are well-researched on any educational subject.

Search Marketing

Jeff has worked in the online industry for more than a decade. He got his start copywriting, and then working his way to search marketing manager of a major online retailer. Jeff is currently an Inbound Marketing Director and has vast experience with SEO, PPC, Social Media, and content development.

Product Projects

  • Article100+
  • Press Release10+
  • Blog Post5

Summary of Product Experience


Jeff has written articles for more than 100 different websites on a wide array of subjects. He has the ability to produce quality, high volume content with each article being completely original and optimized for websites if geared for the web.

Press Release

During his 5 years as a copywriter, Jeff have written Press Releases for a variety of clients. He has a thorough understanding of optimizing Press Release content for the web and submitting the articles to PR websites.

Blog Post

Jeff has experience writing for blogs on a wide array of topics, including home products, search marketing, SEO, and Inbound Marketing. Jeff's writing has been featured on Search Engine People, Booj, and Viva la Violette.

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